Dhc Cleansing Oil

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  • Great for taking off makeup
  • Good for skin
  • A good price
  • Works well with other products
  • Not a holy grail for everyone


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[MISC] What is a product you personally regret using and why?
This might be controversial, because I know it's a holy grail for so many people, but the DHC cleansing oil broke me out *horribly*. Quite literally, my entire face was covered in pimples, right down to my eyelids.
*UPDATED(twice)* Favorite! Better than others I've tried
****Update2**** I originally had this at 5 Stars. Then I received a fake one, so I lowered it to 1 Star. However I just received a refund for the fake oil I received. I didn’t even request a refund! So, I’ve raised my rating back to 5 Stars because I really do love this oil, and it deserves 5 Stars....
5 years ago
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Heavenly Facial Cleansing Oil
I was in search for an oil to clean my face well. I saw very high priced oil cleanses and when I came across this one- I fell in love with the price! I’m very happy I found a product that agrees with my face! It’s light and rinses off very well being that it is oil. The first week I was cleansing wi...
2 months ago
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NEW OR NEED HELP? Ask here! - ScA Daily Help Thread Mar 13, 2021
I was using DHC Cleansing Oil. It worked well for taking off my makeup (I only wear eyeliner and mascara) and my skin liked it (aka no bad reactions).
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Dermstore US
Yes (0) No (0) Report this review 5 I’ve been using this cleansing oil for couple of years now and there’s nothing I don’t like about it! It removes makeup perfectly! Also I really love the easy access to the product just 2-3 pumps, very easy to use! I would 💯 recommend this product!
1 month ago
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This is my face after using this “fake” product!
This is my face after using this “fake” product! It’s my first time purchasing this product, at first I thought maybe this is not for my skin type, but then I read other people’s comments, and realized that I might get a fake product. The one I got is in deep green color and very sticky.
5 years ago
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Exceeded expectations!
I was skeptical about this type of product. Putting oil on my face goes against everything I was taught in the 90's/early 2000's! However, contrary to what I thought might happen, this has not made my skin oily or breakout. It takes my eye makeup off easily and without irritating my skin. I use it b...
2 months ago
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Since I know a lot of people on this sub use the DHC cleansing oil [PSA]
Just bought the DHC cleansing oil last weekend and was excited to use it. Looks like I’ll be returning it!
Since I know a lot of people on this sub use the DHC cleansing oil [PSA]
DHC cleansing oil is my favorite product ever. Like any type of beauty product. 😭


Special Ingredients

Rosemary Leaf Oil

Organic Olive Oil




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