DF64 Coffee Grinder

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  • Great for espresso
  • Very quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Good grind consistency
  • Affordable


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Top reviews

Great Purchase.
The media could not be loaded. Very good grinder and definitely it's a good purchase from this seller. As you can see in the video, it is silent and the powder almost without any clumps. The possibility of changing the burr set is another advantage, but I have not done it yet. What can be improved i...
10 months ago
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Great value
This is my first grinder specifically for espresso and so far I have been extremely pleased. After watching a few Youtube videos I knew what needed to be done before its first use. Adjusting the spacer on the springs and finding the zero point is all it really needed. There is great community suppor...
Amazon Customer
9 months ago
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Amazing entry into 65mm flat burr
I got the ceramic black colored V3 (metal dial indicator, no auto-shut off, and thinner declumper). Really enjoying this grinder with SSP MP/unimodal burrs. The value this has is unequal given that to run SSP burrs, you'd need a grinder 2x in price. This grinder does require some quality of life mod...
1 month ago
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DF64 Coffee Grinder Review
If you have the budget and want a higher-quality grinder with the ability to control motor speed, it’s a fantastic choice. The Verdict. We hope this DF64 grinder review was helpful
1 month ago
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The DF64: Niche Killer?
I don't think there's anything unexpected here to be honest. The slightly cheaper mass-manufactured grinder from China has a couple of (albeit small) design flaws when compared to the small-scale grinder designed by a passionate engineer. I'm happy to wait for a Niche but if you're not the DF64 looks like the best alternative out there.
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Baratza Falling Behind?
I know it looks weird with the hopper, but any grinder is a single dose grinder if you only load a single dose. And as for the Ode, it’s $300 and doesn’t even grind for espresso. I can’t speak for the quality of the Niche and DF64, but they’re both $50-100 more expensive than the Sette. You might be right when you say that there are better grinders, but at least with the examples you’ve given, I feel like they’re in different classes, perhaps in terms of quality, but also price.
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The Complete DF64 Review
Here a few of the less impressive details of the DF64 Conclusion: G-iota / DF64 The DF64 is all potential. It seems like a great deal, which it is – but only for the right kind of person. It is, however, a frustrating product that’s still in beta-mode in many ways
My first (budget) espresso setup, $496 all in.
Thought I'd want to upgrade to a specialita or a DF64, but the Feldgrind does a fantastic job with espresso grinds. Takes me about 38 seconds to grind 19 grams of beans.
A response to James Hoffman's Niche vs DF64 video
First time this dude made a video where he compared espresso from 3 different grinders. All 3 cups had timings and volumes all over the place. He came to conclusion he likes DF64 more. Sure, out of 3 drinks made differently, you would have one you like more.
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Niche seems to be switching to direct orders
:). If you want flat burrs the DF64 would be a great choice, conical then the Niche and people will be able to decide whats most important to them, I am sure the DF will take some wind out of the Niche but overall, I think we should be happy to be able to choose between the two, and hopefully more come along so that we have even more choice in that price bracket!.
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