Cypher Firefly II

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  • Great for trad climbers and alpinists
  • Lightweight, strong
  • Compact quickdraw takes up little space on your trad rack
  • Wire gate carabiner clips into stoppers and pitons gracefully
  • If you're looking for cypher, carabiners and quickdraws


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Top reviews

As advertised.
Lightweight, strong. Got lost in the mail for a few days, but arrived undamaged and ready to rock.
Customer Dude
3 years ago
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Solid quickdraws and a great price
I love these quickdraws, they are solid, and some with a screw gate as well! Overall quite impressed. I would buy again, and can’t wait to put them through their paces.
2 years ago
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Cypher Firefly II Quickdraw • Moja Gear
The Firefly II Quickdraw is Cypher’s lightest draw designed for trad climbers and alpinists. This compact quickdraw takes up little space on your trad rack, and the wire gate carabiner clips into stoppers and pitons gracefully. The other wire gate carabiner has a rubber retainer to stabilize the bin...
4 months ago
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Best Quickdraws for Climbing of 2022 - GearLab
If you're new to climbing and trying to build up your gear stash, you'll appreciate the Cypher Firefly II. They retail for only half the price of the Petzl Spirit Express. That's a significant difference, particularly if you're also purchasing a rope, harness, and double set of cams! The Firefly II ...
9 months ago
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Great little thing and the seller sent it in sensible ...
It just has the feel of quality. Great little thing and the seller sent it in sensible packaging in a short time.
Anthony Beveridge
5 years ago
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Great quality for the money
Bought a few months ago and used 3-4 times since. These perform just as good as any of the more expensive quickdraws I've used but are significantly cheaper.
Aye Aye Ron
2 years ago
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Seems to be of good quality and value for money compared to other brands
This arrived yesterday and though I haven't used it in anger yet, on initial examination it appears to be well made and initial quality if very good. There are no harsh edges that may rub rope badly or anything like that and it looks like it'll work well with a figure 8 or ATC belay device. It's got...
8 years ago
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Gate Type


Major Axis Strength

22 kN

Claimed Weight

1.48 oz

Recommended Use