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Crossrope Get Lean

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  • Great for cardio and strength training
  • Durable handle
  • Easy to use
  • Good for beginners
  • Affordable price point


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Top reviews

Best Jump Ropes of 2022 - GearLab
The Crossrope Get Lean is for those who take the fitness game seriously. The feature that sets this model apart from the rest is its interchangeable ropes. This package includes both a quarter-pound and half-pound cord, allowing you to intensify your workout with the heavier cord, or use the lighter...
8 months ago
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Crossrope Get Lean Set Review » Believe in the Run
I came across Crossrope in my social media feeds and was intrigued by the handles with ball bearings and the switchable weighted ropes. I reached out to Crossrope, and they recommended the Get Lean package which comes with handles, a 1/4 pound rope, and a 1/2 pound rope. Jumping with the Crossrope is smooth, and the handles can whip the ropes around at high speeds
3 months ago
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It’s ok... but not worth $79
The rope is pretty cool. I was kinda bummed out because for an $80 rope the handle had some seams on them that weren’t quite together. It look like they may come apart do the road. Also the button to push to eject swap out the rope wasn’t as easy as it look and was finicky sometimes. Also the handle...
4 years ago
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Crossrope Review - Get Fit, Get Lean & Get Strong Reviewed 2022
**This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on our links. We received a free Crossrope set in order to complete this review but our views are impartial**Crossrope is a leading designer and manufacturer of weighted jump ropes that are designed...
3 months ago
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Significant quality/durability issues (buyer beware not worth $100)
Overpriced, fell apart in less than two months (see below for details). I have been jumping rope for about two years. Two months ago I got convinced that I should buy this rope because it must be better than my cheap jump ropes...once the Crossrope was received I concluded it was slightly better tha...
2 years ago
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Two Year Review
I am completely revamping my review. I have had these ropes for over two years of continual, near daily usage. I originally gave this four stars, since the mechanism will strike your forefinger if you hold the handles higher up rather than lower. This is still an issue for me, but I believe it is a ...
D. Young
5 years ago
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Great ropes.
Being unfamiliar with various weights that jump ropes come in, I was having a hard time making a purchase. I don't belong to a Crossfit gym and had no where to go to try ropes out. I was leaning toward getting on 5 oz rope, but thought it might be too light. I got this combo thinking the 3 oz would ...
David W. Pierce
7 years ago
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I must say I was skeptical spending this much for a Jump rope and I do think they could come down on the price but they are really nice ropes. The heavier one (white) is a killer on your arms. It really gives you a workout! The one thing that sold me on these ropes and why I decided to keep them is ...
4 years ago
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Because the price of this rope was a little high for me (at first) I bought a cheap $10 one from Target. It sucked! I was tripping all over it, mainly because I'm 6'5'' and most generic rope lengths don't work for that height. Then I bought a $20 rope from Amazon that said a 6'6'' guy used it withou...
Breann Johnson
5 years ago
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Within 2 months of use and the bearings are already bad.. NOT WORTH IT for the price.
I normally don't write reviews (this will be my 2nd review ever), but this product sucks so bad... it deserved a review for the simple fact that it cost $90 bucks and lasted less than 2 months. I want to make sure other people don't regret the purchase like I did. I skip rope A LOT. Skipping rope ha...
Kevin Ly
4 years ago
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