Costway EP24760GR

Costway EP24760GR

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Great for air frying and rotisserie cooking
Design is unique and easy to use
Comes with various accessories for different types of cooking
Proof function is great for making bread
Generates zero smoke
Not ideal for larger cooking needs
Instructions are lacking in detail
Dehydrator function may not be as low as a regular dehydrator


Overall, the Costway EP24760GR receives mixed reviews. Some customers are pleased with its performance, particularly for air frying and rotisserie cooking, while others find it too small for their needs or lacking in clear instructions. The dehydrator function also receives mixed reviews, with some finding it adequate for average needs and others noting that it does not go as low as a regular dehydrator. The design and ease of use are generally praised, although some customers note that it can generate smoke and that the beeping is loud. Overall, the Costway EP24760GR may be a good option for those with smaller kitchens or who are looking for a versatile appliance, but it may not be the best choice for those with larger cooking needs or who require more detailed instructions.


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