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Code Of Bell X-pod

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  • Great for carrying a laptop
  • Comfortable to wear as fanny's or slings
  • Innovative design that is well thought out and executed
  • Lightweight, durable material construction
  • Versatile in terms of how it can be worn


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Review: Expand Your Carry Potential with Code Of Bell's Next-Level Roll-Top X-Pod Sling Bag
While the Code Of Bell X-Pod comes with a pretty steep learning curve, we’d wholeheartedly recommend it for those who want to take their everyday carry game to the next level.
2 months ago
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What is your favourite sling that can also be worn as a bum bag / fanny pack / waist bag?
I use a Code of Bell X-Pod. My wife uses Wandrd D1 Fanny.
They're both symmetric, so it's comfortable to wear as fanny's or slings (in either shoulder).
My most favorite bag now is Code of Bell X-Pod for reference. If possible without magnets in the buckles.
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CODE OF BELL X-POD (S): REVIEW — Wandering Dots
This does not impact the comfort much but does create an aesthetically strange look of the bag that I was not a fan of.The lack of the optional stabilizer strap is noticeable especially if you plan to use this sling for rigorous activities VERDICTX-Pod is unlike anything on the market. The Code of Bell team created a unique expandable sling that can be compact on most days and spacious in those occasions when you need to throw a water bottle, jacket or some workout equipment to carry with you
2 months ago
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I am thinking about getting a new sling/pouch for travel since after the laszt vacation i realized that my Code of Bell x-pod isnt the best choice for traveling. Its too big to put in the main bag because of the rather big padding and strap and eats up way too much space. In addition to that i dont need a separate sling when i probably carry a day pack anyway. So now i am thinking about maybe getting something that works as a pouch and as a sling if i wanted it too.
Suggest a sling you do not own but wish you did. Tell me why you think it’s better than what you have.
Want: Code of Bell X-pod. Been eyeing that bag for a good 1-2 years now and it’s still retailing for $150. Seems more versatile than my City Sling and bigger(city sling is nice and minimal, little small for my body type).
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Searching for a Sling Bag
The Code of Bell X Pod is a good, expandable choice.
Also looks the the Evergoods MHP 3.5.
I’ve used both but the X Pod is my fav right now.
Looking for an expandable/convertible sling!
Code of Bell. Depending on your use case. I loved my xpod in Costa Rica last week. It held passport in sleeve, my belroy field notes holder, phone, cash wallet, kindle paperwhite, mini med kit, and some bits and bobs of daily carry (mask, tissue, AirPods, sanitizer, gum, pen, flashlight, some other stuff) pretty much all in the main compartment without needing to decompress the secondary compartment.
What are some bags that surprised you in a good way?
Code of Bell X-Pac. I've always HATED slings and 'fanny packs' but this bag blew me away. It's not my baby and favorite bag I've ever owned.
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EDC Sling Search- Tablet and Mech Keyboard carry
I can offer some insight on the Code of Bell X Pak. I've been using mine daily for a little over a month after a very very long search for a new sling. Basically it's not totally perfect but I like it, and expect to get a lot of use out of it for a long time.