Clinique Moisture Surge

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  • Great for dry skin
  • Moisture surge is a lightweight moisturizer
  • Helps with redness and irritation
  • Moisturizes for 72 hours
  • Non-greasy formula


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Clinique Moisture Surge review: can this gel moisturizer really hydrate for 72 hours?
Clinique moisture surge serum: the verdictGel moisturizers are typically divisive for those with different skin types—those on the sensitive or oilier side adore them while dry types find they need to frequently reapply to keep skin plump and juicy.
3 months ago
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[HAUL] Clinique Haul! Top is what I ordered, bottom is what I received for free. What is your opinion on Clinique skincare?
I'm a personal fan of the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer. Though I'm on the drier side, most moisturizers make me incredibly greasy, even ones made for oily skin. The Moisture Surge doesn't though. It's hands down my favorite moisturizer.
Definitely works - will keep buying!
I am in love with this product and I’m so glad I found it here on Amazon because it is sold out on the Clinique website. I am in my early 40’s and my skin has almost completely stopped producing oil. My skin is extremely dry and being in the air conditioning this summer has only made my skin worse. ...
Silver Shoes
4 years ago
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Tampered with
I love this moisturizer but it was DEFINITELY opened and used when I opened it. Won’t buy from this seller again
Megan Cole
1 month ago
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Clinique Moisture Surge Reviews: A Review of The 10 Best Clinique Moisture Surge Products - The Dermatology Review
”. Our Verdict. Overall, we think that the Clinique Moisture Surge products can be a good addition to your routine if you’re struggling with dehydrated skin (skin that’s lacking water, not oil)
1 month ago
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[Product Question] Best moisturizer?
I’ve used Clinique Moisture Surge for years, and recently I paired it with their Moisture Surge Eye Hydrofiller for my undereye area. I don’t get breakouts or irritation, and I have light rosacea so my skin is very sensitive. If I’m doing light makeup or no makeup, Cliniques Hydrating Jelly and Dramatically Different lotion is good too.
I’ve been using the real moisture surge for years now and I ran out so I received to get quick shipping from amazon. After a day of using this I broke out all over. Horrible acne. Even the back of the bottle says “made in the USA, the real bottle is made in the u.k. NICE TRY
3 years ago
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Very, very good moisturizing lotion
I have used Clinique products for years and have found Moisture Surge to be very effective in preventing dry skin. Living in Nevada, where it is very dry climate, it is extremely helpful.
Ginnie Kersey
2 months ago
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[Routine Help] Moisturizer recs for sensitive, reactive, acne-prone, combo skin?
Try Clinique moisture surge moisturizer. It’s great for sensitive skin since there’s no added fragrance, and it’s very hydrating and light so it’s not likely to break you out.
Great for combo skins!
My skin is both oily and dry in certain areas, this combination makes it tough to find moisturizers that are just right for my skin. So far, I've been very impressed with the Clinique Moisture Surge. Haven't had nearly as many dry problem areas and my skin isn't any more oily than it is naturally. I...
Erikalani Santos
1 year ago
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