Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

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  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Been around forever
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No lather but still does a good job cleaning the face
  • Reasonably priced


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[Shelfie] An American college student’s minimalist skincare regimen!
**In the morning, I:**. \- Use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser in the shower— I use this product specifically because it does not cause irritation and it was recommended by my pediatrician when I was a tween.
This Old-School Cleanser Was Re-Popularized on TikTok for All the Right Reasons
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is one of those products you meet once and kind of feel like you’ve always known. It’s not particularly flashy or hyped, but it’s always there when you need it and reliably good at its job. If you want a cleanser that simply gets your face the ideal amount of clean without ever irritating it, Cetaphil is your best bet
3 months ago
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New formula sucks
I’ve been using this product for over 6 years with no issues. I have dry sensitive rosacea skin and the new formula is not the same. Instead of changing a once perfectly good product, they should have added a new line for those who want this kind of specific ingredients. This does not work the same ...
9 months ago
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NEW OR NEED HELP? Ask here! - ScA Daily Help Thread May 17, 2021
Aveeno positively radiant brightening cleanser (for removing occasional makeup). Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (in the shower).
Unsure if this is the real product
I’m unsure if this was the real Cetaphil or not. While I do have sensitive skin, this made my face super red, dry, and tight right after using it. I’ve used many other cleansers through the years and haven’t had a problem like this. Returned it and trying out another brand.
3 years ago
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Wish it were sealed
Clearly a good product, but in this day and age, why would any company not seal their product? I don't use anything that could be tampered with, b/c you know, PEOPLE, can't trust 'em.
1 month ago
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Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser vs. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser! DRUGSTORE CLEANSERS CETAPHIL
take me so I would get the daily facial cleanser. However, with the gentle skin cleanser I do want to make this clear you can use it for your whole entire body I've used the daily facial cleanser for my whole entire body and I see nothing wrong with this.
Shundara Castion
1 month ago
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NEW OR NEED HELP? Ask here! - ScA Daily Help Thread Apr 20, 2021
I have dry skin that is prone to hormonal acne along my jawline for reference. I'm newly using topical clindamycin phosphate gel 1% in the AM and tretinoin cream 0.05% in the PM as prescribed by my dermatologist. I wash my face in the AM with CeraVe Acne Foaming Wash with benzoyl peroxide and use Garnier Micellar Water and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser in the PM. I started this routine about a week ago, and I know sometimes it takes a bit for skin to adjust to new products, but the sunscreens I've been using (I've tried SunBum Face 50, Cetaphil Moisturizing SPF 30, Aveno Protect and Hydrate SPF 50, and Australian Gold SPF 70) are causing severe burning.
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fights acne
i bought this just 2 days ago and most of my jawline and forehead spots have gone.
5 years ago
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NEW OR NEED HELP? Ask here! - ScA Daily Help Thread Apr 29, 2021
Then a few weeks ago I decided to switch cleansers after a recommendation from a friend so I’ve been using the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and haven’t noticed a difference either. After the oily-ness started I tried the Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid toner, which dried out all of my skin, just using it twice a week. I tried the Ordinary’s Niacinamide twice a day for probably a month and didn’t notice any change. For a few weeks I also tried moisturizing my face every night before bed and that just made things worse.




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