Cerave Skin Renewing Night Cream

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  • Great for dry skin
  • Gentle and non-irritating
  • Moisturizing without being greasy or sticky
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Effective and affordable


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So for a while I’ve had a pretty good routine for my skincare, and only broke out whenever it’s the time of month or if I eat dairy. Ever since February of this year, my HG Cerave Skin Renewing Night Cream had literally been out of stock EVERYWHERE. I went to 3 different cities around me to look for it, and it was nowhere. It hasn’t been stocked since February, and that was the key ingredient to me not breaking out.
No more face mask irritation
Very good and gentle face cream. Forms a barrier on my face that helps prevent irritation from wearing a face mask. It works well to apply to slightly damp skin so it spreads evenly & doesn't take as much. I only wish it came in a larger size.
Texas customer
2 years ago
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Simple and the Best!
I was never a night cream person but I recently needed one because I needed the moisture and my skin to renew after a bad breakout (see photo). And ive read like two lists of best night creams out there and this is the one I went with and man I’m so glad that I did because it’s simple and quite the ...
3 years ago
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CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream REVIEW
Okay I Love this product. It's very hydrating. It's very moisturizing
RealBeautiful Beauty
1 month ago
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Super thick!
While I do like cream a lot, it's so thick that it doesn't spread around really easily on my skin.That might be a huge plus for you. For me, I'm going to have to buy a thinner cream to mix it with.
2 years ago
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[shelfie] body and face skin care routine
Cheap and effective. Cerave SA renewing cream: I have KP and this really helps.
Definitively recommend it.
ok I almost never write reviews. But I have to give this cream 5 starts and I have try countless expensive creams and with CEraVe my I could see the change next day. Note to say my face was very dry and you could see it as sometimes skin would just peel off my face. I put hundreds of this and hydrat...
Maydet Aksoy
4 years ago
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Love it
I love this so much! I’ve rebought 6x! Heavy but not comedogenic. It’s perfect for the use of dry skin after using a retinol cream, as it prevents the flakes and is super gentle.
5 months ago
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Awesome Affordable Skin Care
All of the CeraVe products are totally awesome. They contain cerimides (peptides) Hyaluronic acid and other key ingredients to maintain healthy skin. I am an aesthetican by trade. I have tried many types of products ranging from the very high end all the way down to the lower end. You cannot find an...
Color Creatively
5 years ago
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Rosacea, will never be without it
Practically every other moisturizer irritates my skin. My skin is also very sensitive to the dry air in winter. I use this every night all year round and I also use it during the day in the winter months when the heat is on. I tried so many things - very expensive things - before finding this. I've ...
9 months ago
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