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CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

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  • Great for dry skin
  • Non-comodogenic
  • Moisturizing without breakouts
  • Smells like bile/sour cream/baby vomit
  • Recommended by dermatologist


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DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!
This is my favorite moisturizer, and I think I've purchased it twice before on Amazon (with no issues). This time around, however, the moisturizer Amazon sent me was SPOILED- it literally smells like FISH OIL!!!!! Sick! I'm not sure if I just received a defective moisturizer or if maybe the composit...
Sandy Gonzalez
4 years ago
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[Routine Help] I threw all my toners, essences, serums and moisturizers an away thanks to Dr Dray.. and MY SKIN IS GLOWWWING
While my face is still wet I apply Cerave moisturizing lotion then I pat a very little amount of black seed oil to lock in the moisture (in the morning I don't use the oil and I put sunscreen instead) : LET ME TELL YOU MY SKIN HAS NEVER BEEN THIS GOOD LOOKING !!! My skin is literaly glowing and bouncy like it has never been before ! My pores shrinked a lot too !
1 year ago
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[Sun Care] Results of testing sunscreen samples from my Dermatologist!
**Cerave Ultra-Light Moisturizing Lotion Mineral** \- Although this wasn't a bad option I didn't like the finish on my skin. I have very dry skin but this left me a little oily and didn't sink in very well. My makeup didn't wear as well either, by the end of the day I felt like it had all worn off. If I wasn't wearing any makeup this would be a fine option.
2 years ago
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[Misc] I can't keep up with all the "sustainable" influencers releasing new brands and products
Most of them call themselves specialists and experts, but have no formal training. I’ll stick with my affordable CeraVe until I read actual reviews to see if it’s worth it. This is hard with skincare lines from people like Hyram, who have this cult-like following, because I feel like you can’t even trust the reviews half the time. However, I can almost guarantee that my single ingredient products from The Ordinary will still be cheaper.
1 year ago
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Incredible! This is superior to the cream version for silkiness on my skin! Wonderful moisturizer!
When deciding whether to buy the lotion or cream version of this CeraVe daily moisturizer about 1-1/2 years ago, I decided to go with the cream based on some of the less-than-happy Amazon user reviews for the lotion, and mainly for the fact that body lotions had never been moisturizing enough for me...
4 years ago
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[B&A] Had Acne Since 12 Years old. It has been a journey. (Before and After)
(I don’t know why but I find the Cerave Moisturizing Cream a little too drying and not moisturizing enough.). The most important part:. Acne is legitimately a Main factor in negatively impacting your self-confidence and self-esteem.
2 years ago
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[Product Question] Am I the only one who thinks cerave in the tub is a terrible moisturizer?
The title really says it all. I tried cerave for over a year because this sub praised it for extremely dry and dehydrated skin (ME!!) but I always just felt like it was sitting on top of the skin and never penetrating.
2 years ago
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- Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion (Normal to Dry Skin). And the results were horrible.
Is this a new formula?? Awful fishy smell!
I love this lotion and have been buying it for years. The last bottle i bought has this awful fishy smell that you don't notice until it's been on your skin for a few seconds. Gross. I'm throwing it away. I really hope it was just a bad batch and not a new formula....
Lindsay W.
4 years ago
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[shelfie] I have finally found my holy grail routine for my acne prone/oily skin!
Cerave moisturizing lotion - Buildable which I like! Also doesn’t break me out like a lot do.
2 years ago
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