Cartier Tank

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  • Great for dress occasions
  • Unique and elegant design
  • Mechanism is developed by the same company that developed the Reverso
  • Inexpensive compared to other brands
  • Getting married in 2022


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Cartier Tank Buying Guide | Crown & Caliber
All right so we have covered the Cartier Tank lines that we felt were important and now we want to go ahead and give you the three Cartier Tank models that we think are the best to look at if you are interested in a Cartier Tank.
[Cartier] Basculante 2390, can your watch do this?
The case looks familiar since it's a Tank model, but perfectly symmetrical due to the 12 o'clock crown. The dial has a guilloche pattern cut and blued hands. I think the watch is very nicely proportioned, versatile and pairs nicely with different straps (20mm lug), waiting on a nice taupe one from a guy in Tokyo at the moment but this saffiano leather one from A Collected Man I had lying around will do nicely for now!.
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[Cartier] Tank Louis Cartier
The watch is absolutely beautiful. However, I am not sure with its price if I want to go that far. I wouldn't mind the quartz movement version which is about 2 grand cheaper, but it is still a hefty sum. The one thing that bothers me is that the Tank Solo in stainless steel is much more affordable, and still a beautiful watch, but the dimensions are just oh-so-a-tad-bit bigger than the Louis Cartier, which makes, for some reason, me want the Louis Cartier even more (they must do this on purpose!).
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The Cartier Tank Is Now More Accessible Than Ever
Its purpose was to expand the Cartier's appeal to a younger and more budget-conscious audience. That's precisely what the new Tank Must watches do, and we love the approach the brand has taken with tastefully redesigned elements, new colors and models produced entirely in stainless steel. Prices should range from around $2,730 for the smaller quartz models to under $4,000 for the XL automatic with its in-house movement
19 days ago
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[Cartier] Tank Solo XL - My first "proper" dress watch
For years I've been buying and selling mostly sports watches because I thought I could only wear dress watches few times a year. However, I regard a Cartier Tank and JLC Reverso as my grail dress watches but I also had been hesitant to shell out the money for the reason above, and even if I wanted to, not many have popped up locally. Most Cartiers I've seen being sold around are Roadsters and few Santoses but I want my Tank.
[rolex] AD said they had no men’s watches for sale - I disagreed! 34mm “Bourdain” Date and my first ever brand new Rolex
Great choice. Every time I see someone say small watches are feminine I always think of that picture of Muhammad Ali wearing his Cartier Tank!
[Casio, Tiffany, Cartier] Who needs round watches anyway?!
It's really not difficult to read the time, and I like how the oversized case (27mm x 46mm) wears on my wrist. I've worn this in work clothes and casual wear, and it didn't feel out of place at all in either setting. **Cartier Tank Solo:**.
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Cartier Tank Buying Guide | Crown & Caliber
JONATHAN: Chef's kiss./\s/NATHAN: Yeah So our last option in our Cartier Tank buying guide is none other than the Cartier Tank Louis, and you had to see this coming. It's the watch that Louis Cartier designed himself and it is the purest expression of the Cartier Tank
Crown & Caliber
19 days ago
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[Cartier] New shoes on the Basculante gives it an entirely new vibe
I have owned the Cartier Tank Basculante for 6 or 7 years now, it was one of my first luxury watch purchases and even at it's affordable prices today it was a true splurge for me at that point in my life. I spent a long time searching for this model: a timeless Dress watch design, a top tier ultra-thin handwound movement, a unique and historic case design, genuine hand-guilloche dial, and the only CPCP model to get a Stainless Steel variant without compromising anything except "Paris" on the dial.
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[Review] Cartier watch: Ballon Bleu de Cartier 33mm stainless steel, from V6 factory via TS Anna
I just bought the Cartier Tank Francaise from Anna and I'm floored ... or shook as the kids say :) I've read good reviews on this watch, as well, and I was wanting something a tad larger and rounder and this fit the bill (looks fantastic on you btw!). The price is amazing too (cheaper than the small Francaise I got!).
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