Cards Against Humanity

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  • Great for horrible people
  • Fun for adults
  • Not recommended for children
  • A game of Lego for jokes
  • Cards are offensive, shocking, and gross


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Best Card Games - GearLab
If you haven't heard of this game already, let us introduce you to one of the most popular adult card games, Cards Against Humanity. This game will be an instant hit if irreverent humor fits your friend group. Setup and explaining the rules take only a couple of minutes at most, and within a single ...
1 year ago
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Whats the worst board game you've ever played and why?
i have to say Cards Against Humanity, it started out really funny, then before the night was over it was just dumb and tasteless.
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Cards Against Humanity Review
Final Verdict. Some cards haven’t aged well, but it’s still a worthwhile purchase. Cards Against Humanity is a modern classic that’s as cringe-inducing as it is beloved
2 months ago
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Hilarious. The kids will want to play.
This is recommended for ages 17+. I brought it to a family dinner, knowing that the two kids, ages 11 and 14, would vacate to the basement after dinner to play on their computers. The somewhat precocious 14-year-old overheard that I had Cards Against Humanity and made it clear that while he had neve...
Michael E. Corby
4 years ago
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Your opinion on the current state of boardgaming
Overall, yes. I know of people who get stuck to entry level games like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, or even Zombiecide or Munchkin, but a lot of them get past the gateway and their tastes shift towards higher levels of involvement, and more importantly, a wider selection. As I mentioned, I'm member of an association, and more members are always a good thing, even if our tastes don't always overlap.
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Review: Cards Against Humanity - Shut Up & Sit Down
What we’ve got here is a relaxed card game with the very real possibility of offending people from all sorts of walks of life. This game had one job, and it failed.One of two things happens when you buy Cards Against Humanity
2 months ago
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Cards Against Humanity Card Game Main Deck Review
But don't let that turn you off because it can be hilarious and a lot of fun too. The makers recommend the game be played by folks who are 17 years of age or older because the cards may contain references to sex, drugs, and foul language. But there is some lighter fare in the mix too
2 months ago
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Is this what the world has come to?! Utterly banal and filthy. My adult son ordered this game. He has free will, but I let my feelings be known. I cry for our human race; for our children.
4 years ago
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Any games that you’re sad that you played to death?
Cards Against Humanity. I can still have a fun time with it, but it just seems to degrade each time.
Cards Against Humanity Review- EpicReviewGuys
You punish them because if you're good at this game, you're probably a little bit evil. So if you've heard about Cards Against Humanity' and wondering what it was there, you have it. Not a game to get your kids for Christmas but it might be something
2 months ago
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