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  • Great for beginners
  • A lot of strategy involved
  • Fun for all ages
  • Easy to learn and quick to play
  • Game is fun with 2 players, but can be played with up to 4 players as well


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Explore the Charming French Town of Carcassonne
Picture a medieval city in your mind. The massive castle on a hilltop you’re picturing, surrounded by towering stone walls with turrets and towers? It exists, and it’s in the middle of a charming little town in the south of France. You may have only heard of Carcassonne as a classic board game, but ...
2 months ago
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Games I sold and why I sold them. What games have left your collection?
Carcassonne delivers a similar experience, but more interesting. WOULD I RETRY: No.
10 months ago
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Game suggestions for severe physical handicap
Carcassonne is good because he doesn’t have to keep an inventory of anything. Someone flips a tile for him and he tells them where to place it. Ticket to ride is good because the cards aren’t super detailed with text on them that have to be repeatedly reread to remember what they do. He can just see that he has 4 red, 3 blue, etc.
10 months ago
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Carcassonne - Shut Up & Sit Down
by - Price: - - - - Expansion: by - Price: - - - - Expansion: by - Price: - - - - Expansion: by - Price: - - - - In Carcassonne, players build the area surrounding this impressive city, one tile at a time. They then place a follower on fields, cities, roads or monasteries in order to score as many p...
2 months ago
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Which games use colors in the most confusing ways? Are there in any that differentiate effectively?
I'm a huge Carcassonne fan, and I would have bought the big box of Alhambra as well, but every time I played it on BGA, the colors confused me. I kept wanting to by the green building with green money or the blue building with blue money! The fact that the same color means two different things makes this not as smooth as it could be. I know they tried to differentiate the shades a little, but it wasn't enough, at least from what I can tell.
1 year ago
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Surprisingly complex
I've only planed as a 2 person game with my husband. The first few times I played it, I thought, "eh, it's fun, but not much to it strategy wise". Boy was I wrong. The real strategy for us comes from trying to take over and block each other's cities. It becomes intense hoping to draw the exact card ...
4 years ago
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Would you recommend Catan, or are there better games in the same category?
She lures you in with her serious looking components (hey, it doesn't look like Hungry Hungry Hippos or anything). You think, "ah this is going to be a really nice euro like El Grande, and I am going to enjoy strategizing and scheming to win for 90 minutes...and then you play it. You discover that the mechanics are thrown together in a slapdash manner, the theme is thin, and that you can go an entire game without rolling a single 9...and you realize that there are better ways to spend 90 minutes. All that being said, I rather adore Carcassonne and you hate it.
1 year ago
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Caylus in 2021
Not only do I still enjoy it, I prefer it to Barrage, the 5 or so Lacerdas I've played and all Rosenbergs. It remains an incredible tight euro, with some very cutthroat moments, every decision is meaningful, and with a really accessible set of rules. In essence, a paragon of good design. It deserves to be mentioned along with Tigris and Euphrates, El Grande and Carcassonne as classics that still hold up and that haven't been "bettered" by more recent games.
1 year ago
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Carcassonne Big Box Unboxed
As far as where everything goes back - and you know where everything belongs, as far as you know, pieces go now, one thing I was thinking about starting to do with these board games is also give a rating based off of the quality and the you know, game Pieces as well as the inserts that come inside of the boxes, so I figured starting off with this game. We can start doing a rating system of one to six side died because you know dice have six six sides and what we can do is six is being the highest, the some of the best quality when it comes to game boards and then maybe one being Some of the worst when it comes to overall components and usage of the actual material that they have. So if we start with Carcassonne big box Edition, I would actually give this game a six sided die because of the overall quality the box is fantastic
Board Games Unboxed
7 months ago
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What is your cheapest "Cost Per Hour" game that you own based on [Game Price] ÷ [Hours Played]?
Carcassonne hands down. Rounding down, my wife and I have about 300 plays.
2 years ago
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