Camp Chef Everest 2X

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  • Great for avid outdoorsmen
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quick, matchless ignition no matter your coordinates
  • Adventure seekers will enjoy a generous 215 sq
  • No worries about what to bring and what to leave


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Best Camping Stoves of 2022 - GearLab
The Camp Chef Everest 2x is a fresh take on Camp Chef's classic, award-winning stove. This time around, Camp Chef upped the ante, making a beefier cousin to the original model. It has a larger cook surface, a nearly seamless windscreen, and excellent simmer ability, despite having an impressive 20,0...
5 months ago
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Better than the kitchen stove!
Family is into camping now and trying to cook a big breakfast on two small WhisperLite stoves just isn't cutting it. Tested it out this weekend and wow! Super easy to light. Electric start, but twist to light, no reliance on batteries. Sounds like a jet engine when dialed all the way up, boiled wate...
8 months ago
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Amazing car camping cooktop
I bought the original model that had the regulator recalled by camp chef. It has been a great stove and will serve me well for many years. Excellent adjustability from low simmer to fast boil
1 year ago
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Be forewarned, this baby CRANKS!
I waited a full month to post this review, in order to let my husband (whom is a Chef De Cuisine) put this stove through its paces. We are full time RV'ers now, so our stove is used on a daily basis. I have to say first off, the build and performance is top notch! The cooking surface is a few inches...
5 years ago
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Love the stove - not happy with CampChef company
This is (was?) an amazing camp stove - incredible heat output - BUT, Camp Chef makes it so hard to service and care for...
1) Why don't they sell a PADDED nylon bag to better protect the stove?
2) Why can't I buy new o-rings for the regulator when they wear out and leak?
3) Why can't I buy new bu...
3 years ago
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Camp Chef Everest Two-Burner Camping Stove Review - Man Makes Fire
The Verdict. The Camp Chef Everest is one of the best overall camping stoves for most camping needs.
4 months ago
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Camp Chef Everest Review | Camping Stove Review |
Its ease of use, powerful two-burner system, and stable design meant that no food was burned, undercooked, or covered in dirt, despite the pleading eyes from the camp pup. Where to Buy Camp Chef Everest Camping Stove We tested the Camp Chef Everest, sometimes called the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Camping Stove (or some variation of that).
4 months ago
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Camp Chef Everest 2X Stove - GearLocker
Designed for avid outdoorsmen, the new sleek design of the Everest 2X Mountain Series system is both lightweight and portable. Packed with two, 20,000 BTU burners, the Everest offers quick, matchless ignition no matter your coordinates. Adventure seekers will enjoy a generous 215 sq. inches of cook space engineered for maximum food output.
4 months ago
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Camp Chef Everest 2X Unboxing, Review, Water Boil Comparison
I would guess in protecting these knobs from wear and tear and maybe getting hit or damaged, so it should just help with kind of the durability of those. So I think, that's probably why they do it and I think that's actually pretty smart so anyway, that is my quick unboxing and review in comparison of the new Camp Chef. Everest
Schlexpeditions & Reviews
4 months ago
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20k burners
Loving the new stove. I’ve had a Colman stove for years with smaller burners. It makes cooking all the easier with more btu’s. I can use my large cast iron skillet with a large pot at the same time!
9 months ago
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Cooking Grate Dimensions

21.5 in x 10 in.

Cooking Area

215 sq. in.

System Height

4 in.

System Weight

12 lbs.