Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell with Curl Bar

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  • Great for people who miss lifting weights at the gym
  • Some parts are difficult to put together
  • Product is well made
  • It takes a long time to put together the weights on the barbell


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/r/Homegym - Weekly Free-talk - September 11, 2020
The finish is smooth and feels nice but its not what I want on a barbell. I can barely feel the knurl and my hands were sliding around the bar doing curls (I had 50lb on the bar, and the bar is 30). There was definitely a bit of residual manufacturing oil on the shaft so I'm going to wipe it down and give it another go but right now I'm very much not enjoying e-coat.
2 years ago
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They fit, and are, well added weight.
Clearly these are very specific to the Bowflex Selectech 2080. So if you have them and need more weight then these are for you. Your base plate is set to adjust to accept these weights as well, just a few minutes to reconfigure. I use these with the flat bar as a bench press now, if you can curl all...
1 year ago
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Hard to fit correctly, poor engineering
It took me over three hours total to get the shrouds (plastic pieces where the weights bare held) in the correct position. First, the directions aren’t clear that you have to remove the shroud completely and put it on new holes. Had to find that on YouTube. Even then, I had to adjust the shroud loca...
El Kay
8 months ago
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Excellent addition to the Select tech line
I feel these should be included with the Select Tech curl bar, instead of an extra expense. Despite that, the overall quality is excellent. I have found that all of the Bowflex items are well made. I would recommend this if you have the curlbar
1 year ago
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Weights work as advertised if they are kept in interlocking position
Once set up they are easy to use just be careful not to force the dial if you feel it sticking stop and check your weights alignment
Roy W.
7 months ago
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Hard to switch to new weight levels
Product is nice but very hard to switch weight levels. Weight plates stick together and jam. Not nearly as good as their select weights.
John H.
10 months ago
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Staying true to the Bowflex name. Arrived sooner than stated.
Bloee S
10 months ago
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A must for the 2080 owner.
This upgrade is a no brainer for those who want to do deadlifts and shrugs. Only wish it could be upgraded even more.
David A. Anderson
8 months ago
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Exactly what I expected
The product itself is great. Adds more weight to the system and gives me more flexibility in my exercises. The biggest surprise is that the box didn't come destroyed and came in fully intacted.
J. Park
9 months ago
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Worth the money
Extra weight is worth every penny! Built well, great upgrade.
2 years ago
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80 Pounds

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