Boundary Errant Pack

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  • Great for travel
  • Minimalist design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable nylon fabric
  • Comfortable straps and back panel


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Boundary Supply The Errant Pack Travel Review | Pack Hacker
Boundary Supply The Errant Pack In Use..Other than those couple minor gripes, this pack has held up well during our testing and we don’t have many concerns about the overall durability
5 months ago
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Nylon type is different on package than on amazon
As soon as I opened it I noticed loose threads along the zipper, and the package says 40D nylon instead of 70D in the description. BUT it is Peak Design and hopefully not a knockoff, and their products are usually great.
Amelia Steelhead
4 years ago
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A Powerhouse For Everyday Carry - The Boundary Supply Errant Pack
Well, everyone that is the boundary supply errant pack. It really is a powerhouse when it comes to features and organization. It's got a smart and intuitive approach to access and it's also got a comfortable and reliable harness system, not to mention that it's a solid construction and it's made of some really high quality materials
7 months ago
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Away Travel Luggage + Peak Design Packing Cubes
I searched the web for a review of the PD Packing Cubes paired with Away Luggage. I travel almost non-stop. As someone who works in DC, has a home in NC, and travels often for work, my luggage is a workhorse. For 2 years, I've been using Away Luggage (the very best suitcase on the market!) and was i...
Jeffrey Garon Anders
3 years ago
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Best EDC Bags: Boundary Supply Errant Pack Review
I definitely recommend checking that out, but with all that being said, the errant backpack holds up very well against all the bags that I mentioned and pretty much any EDC bag that we featured on the channel. It's super well-made.
Traveling Salseros
7 months ago
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Medium/big, if you’re a light packer, but absolutely worth while
I travel about 80%, and this packing cube makes my life easier. The light weight, unstructured sides, and dual sides make it easy for me to cram it into where I need it to go. When I arrive, I can set the cube in a hotel drawer, pull open the top, and have full access to everything inside. Even afte...
3 years ago
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Probably the best packing cube on the market
I own a lot of packing cubes, from different brands. And I can comfortably say that this is the best. I use the medium and small peak design cubes when traveling which is more than enough. Pros: - Size is perfect. I easily fit 12+ shirts and i wear a size XL - Compression is awesome, it really reduc...
3 years ago
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A shame
I have a peak design backpack, camera clip, toiletry bag, satchel and the small compression bag. All are great except this. I’ve traveled 4K miles with the backpack on the back of my motorcycle. It worked great! Took it to Spain, Morocco, greece, and turkey, not to mention all the domestic travel. T...
2 years ago
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Perfect for travel!
So I have never used a packing cube before but I have a few of the peak design bags and am a huge fan of their products. These packing cubes are perfect. What I love most is the zipper on the backside that allows you to put the dirty clothes in as you pull clean ones out. It makes keeping your cloth...
3 years ago
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Perfect for use with Peak Travel Backpack
This is a good compression cube for use with any suitcase or travel bag, but fits perfectly in the Peak Travel backpack. In addition, the shape is more square than a lot of other packing cubes, so I handles my heavy work pants better than some of the other packing cubes I use. In addition, the compr...
M. C. Maxwell
3 years ago
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