Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Bands

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  • Great for strength training and supplemental exercises
  • Tube resistance bands in general are terrific tools
  • Rings that connect the el
  • Cariboners and handles make all the difference in the world
  • Lifetime warranty is 90 days


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These seem to be well-made. But it turns out ...
These seem to be well-made. But it turns out the lifetime warranty is 90 days. On Amazon there was a link to click for more info on the warranty; that led to a page that suggested checking the manufacturer's website; that led to an undefined lifetime warranty. After the product arrived, there was a ...
5 years ago
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You are better off with actual weights
I have tried these, and supposed cheap ones. And here it is - THEY ARE ALL TECHNICALLY THE SAME. One thing for sure, they are all cumbersome. Take the clip off. Put the clip on. Change this band. Change that band. The awkward feel when curling, squatting, etc. The awkward feel of the parts pressing ...
3 years ago
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day #4
I'm 64 years old lazy and not fitted guy. Purchased them in 2012 and didn't use them for 7 years. Finally with the help of high blood pressure I decided I should do something about it. So four days ago I started "new life" by walking in the morning and using the bands (very moderate) after the walk....
simon sagal
3 years ago
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If you aren't already fit this product is not likely to help get you fit,
FIRST CAVEAT: The "attach anywhere pieces are NOT INCLUDED, thereby rendering the set 90% USELESS! SECOND: if you're not already fit, these are not likely to help much. Notice that all the demos are done by body builders who are already fit. This means they do not need to GET FIT. THIRD: Without a t...
Lee Oberg
2 years ago
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Safe, affordable, convenient, what more could you ask for?
I love the exercise videos Blake from Bodylastics does on youtube, and that's primarily why I chose to purchase this brand of resistance bands. I've been using these bands almost daily for the past 3 months, and they've held up amazingly well. I found a great beginner lifting routine that is a 5 day...
Amazon Mystery Shopper
6 years ago
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bait and switch
when I bought these bands, they included a free iPhone app that contained drawings/explanations of the various exercises that can be performed with the bands. Now, 5 months later, when I try to open the app, a message comes up that the company has DISABLED the app. When I inquired, they told me they...
Irwin J. Fayne
4 years ago
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Black and green bands snapped
Hi Bodylastics Manufacturer, I would give it more stars but unfortunately the black (19lbs) and green (13lbs) bands snapped while I was in the middle of exercises. Can you replace free of charge?
4 years ago
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Comparision this bands with another excellent ones in the market... THIS PRODUCT IS EXCELLENT
I bought a set of elastic bands for my girl and after searching and researching for pretty good bands and pretty good price I ended up buying the Aylio elastic bands to her.. why? Because they come with an outstanding booklet guide with the exercises and also they come with a really nice and very pr...
Angel E. Yerovi Lopez
8 years ago
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Bodylastics Quality Control
I have used Bodylastics (BL) bands since 2018 and am happy both with the bands and BL’s policy to replace damaged bands. However, my latest purchase reveals a significant change in the resistance properties of some of the bands. I compared the resistance levels of several BL bands that I have both u...
Ohia forest
3 years ago
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Amazing and last for YEARS
I absolutely love these bands. This is my second set. My original set lasted SEVEN years! We have their door hanger thing too which has multiple anchor points(love that!). A couple weeks ago they finally started breaking and snapping and I truly got to see that these are anti Snap. They were dried a...
kristina grabowski
4 years ago
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3.5 Pounds

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Exercise and Fitness