Black Ember Shadow

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  • Made for men
  • Too small to fit anything but a wallet and phone
  • Not worth the price
  • No padding on the back of the bag
  • Straps are too short for anyone over 5'8" tall


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Avoid product and Seller
Avoid product and seller. - Zipper separated from bag after a week of use. No longer “waterproof”. Seller directed me product website for resolution. WTH? Telling me to Google to find resolution from them.
2 years ago
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Brown Buffalo black ballistic nylon back in stock
You need two of the inserts to really get the most out of the bag and thag puts you at over $550. And it's heavy af at that point. The Black Ember Shadow, Arktype Dash Pack, Goruck GR1 Slick or standard, Day Owl Backpack, Aer City Pack, and the Boundary Supply Errant are all similar or better bags at a fraction of the price.
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Aer City X-Pac, Black Ember Shadow or Forge Max, CPL24V2?? Can't decide
I have the Black Ember Shadow 26, the CPL24 v2, and I’ve tried out the AER daypack 2. The black ember I’ve had for the longest and used it daily, including for a vacation carry on. It’s very well made, secure, looks nice. The organization is pretty good for a bag that size.
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Help! Seeking something specific
- Black Ember Shadow 26L- Haven’t heard great things about the company, space seems poorly allocated. - Nomtic bags- Generally don’t like them as they seem hyper organized for onebag travel.
1 year ago
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* Black Ember Shadow 22L - potential small bag to bring along when I don't need the whole AER pack. * Bellroy Weekender 30L - the trip I take most often is 2-3 day weekend trips, so I felt I could simply take this since it includes organization for tech gear + clothes + toiletries. I also love the look of this bag, and feel like it's classier to bring instead of the AER pack when the situation calls for it.
I really want to love it! Black Ember TKS
Definitely over-engineered for my liking, but that's Black Ember. The worst thing is that they built the same damn accordion thing into their "minimal" Shadow bags. If that were removeable I would have picked one up.
2 years ago
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Help for a tech bag! (UK)
Also take a look at the Black Ember Shadow 22 or 26 (same bag available in 2 sizes) Their whole angle is waterproof, I have one and it is incredibly comfortable, converts to brief mode. Water Bottle pocket is internal but you can buy an external add on one from them - I have this also.
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* Black Ember Shadow 22. * Brown Buffalo Conceal 19L - no longer being made. * Able Carry Daily. * Tom Bihn Synik 22 - wish it had better water-resistance.
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* I like the minimalist looks. At first I was considering Aer, Evergoods CPL24, Black Ember Shadow 26, Bellroy Transit. * Will be used for EDC and light travel.
Does Black Ember Citadel R2 fit under airplane seat?
It fit nicely under an Airbus A220 seat for me in August. Great bag. I also just got the Black Ember Shadow, and that one is great too.
1 year ago
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YKK AquaGuard


Lifetime warranty


22 L

Laptop slot

Up to 15/16"