Black Ember Forge

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  • Great for commuting
  • Expandable and versatile
  • Durable construction
  • Lots of pockets and organization options
  • A little pricey


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Black Ember Forge - Matterful
Tech looks. Epic innovation.
All Time Fav.
Calming Capabilities
Hardest Core™©
Tight tech daily driver
Tech Rambler
Most Epic Basic
Rugged. Techy.
Dad Bag Epic™
Organized. Sturdy
Tight & Sleek
Slimline. Classic.
2 months ago
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Looking for Large Backpack Recommendations to Fit under my American Airline Seat as Personal Item
Oh, it's pretty affordable too!. I just got the Black Ember Forge and like it a lot.
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When did all nice backpacks only start fitting Macbooks or other ultra-slim laptops?
While I think this is pretty true, I’ll mention the black ember forge has a big chonk of a laptop compartment.
Daypack/travel pack combo suggestions
I love my Black Ember Forge. It holds a lot not even expanded but it zips down really easy, and has 3 way carry. I got the added water bottle holder and it works great.
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Still on the Hunt for a Business-First EDC with a Clamshell Opening for 2-3 Nights Travel
I’d say to take a look at Black Ember Forge. That one might actually pass the bar for a trip to a business meeting also.
It is above 200USD by quite a bit though.
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A full Rhake makes getting my tablet in a bit difficult, and the external pockets get cramped fast. I’m also looking at the Black Ember Forge Max and the Citadel V2.
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Looking for suggestions for a backpack that can be worn as a sling
Been on the hunt for 3 way bags for a while now. Vanquest has a few backpack sling bags. Some other options are topo designs global and commuter briefcase, black ember forge, COB x-pak, and I’m sure others im forgetting about.
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"premium" EDC/travel messenger bag
You could try a 3-way bag like a Black Ember Forge, Chrome Industries Vega, or a Mystery Ranch 3-Way.
I don't know if any of those would work in a boardroom though. As someone else mentioned, Waterfield makes some great bags.
Black Ember FORGE Review | Carryology
The Black Ember FORGE is designed to offer multiple bags in one. A daily commuter that also works as a travel bag. And a hybrid backpack, briefcase, or shoulder bag that adapts to changing needs. So how does it perform when put to the test? Find out below...
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2 months ago
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Replacing Aging Bag - Interested in Versatility
Aer TP2 or TP2 smol.
Knack pack.
Black Ember Forge.
If you’re semi tall, a GR2 34 L looks like an edc but you can put your whole life in it.
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