Black Crows Junius Birdie

Black Crows Junius Birdie

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Great versatility for both beginners and experienced skiers
Lightweight construction for easy handling
Responsive handling for a smooth skiing experience
Stylish design and high-quality materials
Excellent value for the price
Not suitable for extremely challenging terrain
May not be as stable at high speeds compared to other skis
Some customers have reported that the ski may be prone to chattering on hard snow or ice.


Black Crows Junius Birdie has received positive reviews from customers. Many have praised its versatility and ease of use, making it a great option for both beginners and experienced skiers. The ski's lightweight construction and responsive handling have also been noted as standout features. Additionally, customers appreciate the ski's stylish design and high-quality materials. Some have mentioned that the ski may not be suitable for extremely challenging terrain, but overall, Black Crows Junius Birdie is a highly recommended ski for those looking for a reliable and enjoyable skiing experience.


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