Baltic Aquascaphe

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  • Great for vintage-inspired, accessible watches
  • Solid movement
  • Variety of case finishes and materials
  • Popular among watch enthusiasts
  • Quick turnaround time for orders


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Baltic Aquascaphe: Review of the Underrated Diver
Bracelet. We weren’t kidding when we told you that the Aquascaphe sits perfectly around the wrist. There are two options available for this watch
20 days ago
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In Review: Baltic Aquascaphe GMT
Fit into the overall look and feel of it, and I could see this easily being a top choice everyday watch. The best part is that the Baltic Aquascaphe GMT is only $970 (€920) on the strap, which is a solid price for a watch as well-sorted as this one is. For it being their flagship line, it’s very approachable and attainable
[Discussion] Why i will never own a Seiko
I am sad that Seiko did not produce a non day-date diver. Retired my SKX and replace it with Baltic Aquascaphe blue gilt now which are regulated by Baltic to be 10s a day, so much better than Seiko 6R15 movements.
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Stronger, Lighter, & Bolder: The Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium - Worn & Wound
Baltic has chosen to continue to run with the Miyota 9039 for the Aquascaphe Titanium. With its 42 hours of power reserve along with its proven durability and value, it’s a no-brainer for Baltic.
20 days ago
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[SOTC] Where I'm at and what's next?
It wears a bit tight and the only other option is REAL LOOSE. 7. Baltic Aquascaphe GMT - Another cause for celebration, this time to mark a new journey - moving to another country. I've always been a fan of the GMT complication but due to my small wrist a Tudor Black Bay GMT is just too big for me, after looking around at other smaller GMTs - I decided on the Baltic.
[Oris Divers 65] Looking for alternatives!
Baltic Aquascaphe or Yema Superman Heritage blue dial sound like good contenders.
Owner Review: Baltic Aquascaphe Blue Gilt
The Baltic Aquascaphe Blue Gilt is a good design. It simultaneously appears classic, fresh, timeless, and unique. It also wears nicely
20 days ago
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[Semi-Weekly Inquirer] Simple Questions and Recommendations Thread
Unimatic looks perfect, but they're huge. The "vintage" Steinhardt Ocean 39, Lorier Neptune, and Baltic Aquascaphe come close, but they're a little too big for my 6" wrist. Hoping to avoid Chinese brands if possible.
[GMT] Best affordable GMT watch?
Got my Baltic Aquascaphe GMT this summer and it’s been a great travel watch. I appreciate having a rotating bezel because I set the GMT hand to london and just have to rotate it to the time zone I need (+/- GMT).
[SOTC] Where I'm at and what's next?
Exceptional watches no doubt but in the end I got a little bored with them. The brand name just wasn’t enough to get me to keep them but I understand for some, it is. Also, my Baltic Aquascaphe GMT just arrived today!
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