Asics Magic Speed

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  • Great for tempo daily
  • 50 mile full review - Okay
  • Best value of all the racing flats
  • Asics is giving us just that - brand new magic speed


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ASICS Magic Speed Review | The Best Carbon Plated Racing Shoe Under $150
I was really happy with with how it performed, so those were our thoughts on the asics magic speed.
Running Warehouse
4 months ago
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Novablasts 2 & Novablast 1 Comparison & Initial Thoughts (with Pics & after 4 mile / 6.5km)
These are the sizes I wear for my Asics in general. \> Magic Speed, Glideride 1 & Glideride 2: US 9 / UK 8> Novablasts 1 and NOW Novablast 2: US 8.5 / UK 7.5. So I took these bad boys out immediately for a 6.5km / 4-mile run. Some immediate comments:.
Underrated shoes
Asics Magic Speed-This is just as good for me as the Endorphin Speed, yet probably gets 1% of the Saucony's fanfare. Light, soft and bouncy with a good amount of pop from the forefoot carbon plate.
First marathon running shoes
That being said, I will say that slower runners would do well with erring on the softer shoes (Metaspeed Sky, NB RC Elite 2, Vaporfly Next%) over the firmer shoes, given the longer time on feet and the increased comfort of the softer foams. If you are wanting a more conventional shoe, the Endorphin Speed (albeit with a nylon plate) is a great more cost effective choice, as are the Asics Magic Speed.
Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 & First Impressions after 10K run (6.21 Miles)
However, I can tell you; there's really something about these pair of shoes that want to make you go fast. When I took my first running steps around my local track, every step felt very light; it was like the Novablast without the bounce, haha.
While at the local running store to get a new pair + trail/winter shoes, the guy had me try some carbon plated shoes, including ASICS Magic Speed. (I tried a bunch, but I think my feet are incompatible with non ASICS shoes). I was really impressed by the feeling of the shoes and I had always imagined they were meant for Elite runners. I am more of a mid-end pack guy (Marathon in 4ish), so I had never considered them.
Current rotation
Only downside is that i think the durabilty of the upper might give out early. Asics Magic Speed: Speed day shoe.
ASICS Novablast 3, Dynablast 3 & Magic Speed 2? Prices in AUD
Only a 10g increase despite the seemingly huge stack. Impressive. Very excited for the Magic Speed 2, might replace my Endorphin Speeds as a fast long run shoe when they're worn out.
Side note: Novablast 3 colourways are 🔥🔥🔥
Which is the best workout+racer shoe? Saucony Endorphin Speed vs Asics MagicSpeed vs Brooks Hyperion Tempo
The common joke being "Asics forgot to include the magic". Love the Speeds and think most on this sub will tend to agree. It's my personal all time favorite for just about any type of workout and may even race in it come fall. I get about 300 miles out of each pair, which is pretty high for me.
Novablast 2 vs Rebel v2 vs 1080 v11
If the heel of a shoe is too soft/unstable for me, my plantar fasciitis always flares up. And it happens on both the Rebel and the Novablast. Also, softer midsoles tend to bottom out on me. That’s the same reason why the Magic Speed works for me and not the Endorphin Speed.


Heel Stack

34 mm

Forefoot Stack

29 mm

Heel-Toe Offset

5 mm