Arturia Keystep Pro

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  • Great for live performance
  • Crisp OLED display and LED-illuminated controls
  • Unparalleled MIDI, CV, and USB connectivity
  • 3 octave keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
  • 4 independent polyphonic sequencer tracks


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My cat loves the Vegas lights (and I kinda do too)
I ordered this along with some rather heavy clamps for wood working, and they were shipped in the same box. This box arrived having bright USPS tape stating explicitly that it had been damaged in shipment. That said, my first impression is that this is a well build tanky bit of kit since the only ac...
1 year ago
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Arturia - KeyStep Pro - KeyStep Pro
Take full control of your modular rigs, outboard synths, and software studio all at the same time. KeyStep Pro removes every barrier between you and the music you want to create, making every performance a breeze. 3-octave keyboard with velocity and aftertouch 4 independent polyphonic sequencer trac...
3 months ago
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Behringer Pro-16 Synthesizer Sneak Preview
behringer is so stupid. they have the resources to invest the RnD into new and interesting synth designs, and instead they make these lame and tasteless synth ripoffs. It's even worse when they ripoff synths and gear that is still in production (ilke the arturia keystep or the moog mother-32).
Why does everyone have a Keystep?
The keystep pro is extremely expensive compared to the smaller keystep, which is why they aren't as common. It has slightly different features and in some ways the 37 has some advantages if you don't need the multi track sequencers.
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Just got these on clearance brand new at Guitar Center — KS37 for $129 and KSP for $250.
I was going to get a Keystep Pro a few days ago for full price. So glad I saw this. Went to Guitar Center in Houston and got it for 250. Thank you
Best thing since sliced bread.
Truly the best piece of equipment produced in a long time. Way more connectivity than you will ever need and an easy interface once you read a little of the manual. Only down side is the key size. However, bigger key size would mean a bigger form factor which would mean a more expensive product. Pri...
2 years ago
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Arturia KeyStep Pro - IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?
They feel great. The same as the Minilab, but these have aftertouch, which is really nice to have.
Sanjay C
3 months ago
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Just got these on clearance brand new at Guitar Center — KS37 for $129 and KSP for $250.
Just picked up a Keystep pro at GC for that price! Thanks for letting people know!
four sequencers are cool
Four sequencers and just great to have fun with. Keys are too small for real keyboard feel, but fine for sequencing. Lots of features, a gas for this kind of gadget.
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Looking for a DAW-less device with a focus on user experience.
I like the arturia keystep pro but it’s probably kinda limited.


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