Aquaphor Healing Ointment

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  • Great for dry skin
  • Excellent price
  • All natural ingredients
  • Good to use on children and adults
  • Helps with healing


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Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment (hand lotion uses). 5.
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Best Healing Cream on the market!!
Thanks to this product my cut is healing nice and quickly. I apply a small amouny everyday for the past 2 days and already my cut is going away! I hihgly recommend this product to children as well as adults.
Walgreens Shopper
16 years ago
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Not fake as of 7/20
I've been using aquaphor for many years due to severe dry skin in the winter so i know what it always looked like and it always had this slightly yellowish hue to it. The one i got in Walmart Feb 2020 is the same i bought on Amazon 7/20, identical. I had to open it after seeing 1 star reviews. Rest ...
2 years ago
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Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Review | Tracey Studio
All right. So for this product I would have to say this is an amazing amazing product especially for those of you guys who have like cracked or like very dry skin especially for some reason every time when like the fall slash winter season comes like my hands especially like my fingers like my thumb right here like it just like cracks like right down the middle and for some reason I just don't know why it just happened so usually what I would do is I would actually get like those like really like big like tub of like vaselines and that's a q-tip that'll like apply some to like the cracked area but sometimes it takes like a couple of days to like heal but with this product right here wow it literally just takes like one day and you could see like the crack like slowly like healing and closing in by itself and I was just like blown away like how fast like this product can actually work on my skin like I've been using vaseline my whole entire life and I feel like I was like where have I been like why didn't I start using this product a lot earlier all right So as for the color of this product it is kind of like the vaseline color it's kind of like a clear but has like a little bit like a yellowish tint to it and then at first like when you apply to your skin like it's very like sticky, very like icky, like very like ew, kind of like gooey feeling but then when it slowly starts to like dry down like like the stickiness gooeyness like starts to fade away and this is like a very heavy ointments like you literally need very little like probably just like a teeny tiny bit of a drop and you're pretty much good to go and that's if your crack is like really big. but this is amazing stuff
Tracey Studio
1 month ago
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This product works
It was recommended by a Doctor to use for my Psorisis on my hands.
14 years ago
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Prevents dangerous tissue breakdown if chronically confined to bed (or chaise longue)
Have been bedridden for 11 years, and two years ago my backside finally decided to raise a "protest". Fortunately, I had the Aquaphor Advanced healing formula (WITHOUT THE PIC OF AN INFANT ON THE FRONT), and began applying a thick layer to my backside (lower lumbar and coccygeal regions) at every ba...
4 years ago
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Great product.... I was told to purchase after getting getting tattoo. First, bought the walgreens version. Highly disappointed very greasy. So, i went back and bought the brand name. Not as greasy and works wonerdful.. Love it.
5 years ago
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[Skin Concern] My dermatologist ripped off a huge chunk of scab off my face. What can I do to prevent scarring?
Every night, cover the entire wound in Aquaphor Healing Ointment and cover the wound with a non-stick pad. You'll need a gentle medical tape to keep the pad attached to your face. This method is called moist wound healing. If you start early enough, it's likely to help prevent excessive scarring, as well as scabbing.
Best Healing Lotion
Love this! I have bad damaged skin from celllulitis and everything else still didn't heal my skin when used twice a day, but Aquaphor showed improvement in one application
2 years ago
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Couldn't be happier
With continued use over a few weeks, I saw results a LOT faster than most other products.
4 years ago
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14 Fluid Ounces

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3.86 x 3.86 x 3.7 inches

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