Amphipod Xinglet Vest

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  • Great for walking, running, jogging or riding a bike
  • Adjustable in length and size around the waist
  • Reflective material is visible from any angle
  • Light and packs away small
  • Fits over bulky winter sweaters and jackets


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I took a temp job delivering packages for a shipper. They gave me a yellow adjustable reflective vest. It had velcro everywhere that irritated my neck, and caught on everything, my clothes, my hat, my car seat. I got on Amazon and found a different yellow vest, but after a short time, it looked a li...
Susan E. Slattery
10 months ago
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Reflective Material Wears Off Quickly
Well, like a lot of products that are designed to fail sooner than later, this vest falls in that category. Less than a year later, the reflective material is wearing off, rendering this vest useless for its intended purpose. I haven't worn it much, especially not in inclement weather. I can only su...
Paul H. Emmert
7 years ago
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Excellent safety vest for visibility at night
This vest is superior as a safety vest for the person walking a pet, walking, running or jogging for exercise or riding a bike. It is adjustable both in terms of length and size around the waist and stretches so that it fits over even bulky winter sweaters and jackets. At night in the red reflection...
9 years ago
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I'm tall/large and this is a perfect fit
Some reviewers complained of a skimpy fit and of the lower surround only coming down to their lower ribs. I took a chance and ordered the product anyway. I'm six feet two inches, 190 pounds, and I buy my Levis in 36X36 size. The product, when it arrived, did look like it would be the same super-skim...
9 years ago
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Is it worth it to fork over money for a squat rack?
I had the choice of a Squat Rack or a Weight Vest and I went with a Weight Vest that goes up to 150 pounds. That plus Single Leg Squats and Nordic Leg Curls can give you all the lwg work you need :D
Love it!
I can’t speak to the reflective material wearing off as mine is brand new. But it fits wonderfully, is easy to adjust, easy to put on and is so minimal it fits in my front bike pouch when I come off the bike. Appears to be very well made. Had no issues on the ride today with it and don’t anticipate ...
Cokie Lepinski
2 years ago
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Well Made. Great Customer Service
This item is light and packs away small. That's one thing that attracted me to it, more than a full vest. It can be rolled up and will fit in a small jacket pocket, or take up only half of a large pocket. It feels to be of good quality, and it looks plenty reflective. The buckles are rather thin pla...
9 years ago
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An easy way to make yourself visible while wearing your favorite attire
I purchased this for outdoor bike rides. While some of my thinner workout clothing is relatively visible, my warmer attire is mostly in dark colors. This "vest" is easy to attach and makes me clearly visible while riding on public roads. Besides the clear neon yellow (the color I chose) there are tw...
Kai Brinker
2 years ago
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When you drop two but get one...
The game is great with the Bhaptics X40 Vest too. Can't wait for the arms to come in as well
Great fit, even for young kids! A MUST for your little bikers.
I love, love, love that this vest is super adjustable and can be worn by everyone in the family in all seasons. I initially bought one for me to wear it in the AMs walking the dog, then the kids (5 & 8) started fighting over it go biking. We've had ours for several years, and have not had a problem ...
3 years ago
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One size fits most

Run Time

3 hours solid

Charging Time

1.5 hours

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