Amazfit Band 5

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  • Great for the price
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use interface with a lot of options
  • Good heart rate monitor


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Got a wrist? Put the Amazfit Band 5 fitness tracker on it for $26 (Update: Expired)
Amazfit. The Amazfit Band 5 -- ticks an impressive number of fitness boxes.
5 months ago
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Charge 5 ECG starts without holding device; need warranty replacement. Painful 90-minutes with awful customer service.
Ya my charge 4 broke due to a gap in the band that was a know problem with those units. Basically got told I was shit out of luck but here is a 30% off coupon so I can re purchase the same out dated unit. No thanks I went with a $30 Amazfit band 5 so far so good.
5+ Stars - Exactly what I am looking for
I have to write this review because I was misled by a lot of negative reviews and waited for long time. I almost decided to buy the Fitbit verse 3, but wanted to give this band a try first. I have owned two Samsung smartwatches, one Fitbit, and a new Apple watch 6 for wife, but I am looking for a si...
2 years ago
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If you're having problems finding Alexa - here's the solution.
So I genuinely enjoy this watch, especially because of the value (price vs. functionality). It reads heart rate well, calculates stress and my 'sleep score's (a fun feature that my gf and I compare each morning). I don't believe the calories burned are accurate but that's not based on anything empir...
Moodicus Maximus
2 years ago
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Has me questioning reality
This watch thinks I am asleep most of the time. Maybe I am, and this is all an elaborate dream. Perhaps the watch is pushing me towards self-actualization by suggesting I am currently sleepwalking through life. The heart rate readings seem reasonable, as do the spO2, although I haven't verified eith...
2 years ago
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Amazfit Band 5 - Good, Inexpensive Fitness Tracker
First, this review is for the Amazfit Band 5 watch. For reasons that I do not understand, Amazon has decided to mix reviews for the Band 5 with those of two other Amazfit watches (T-Rex and Stratos). Those are very, very, very different watches, with different functionality and different software. I...
East of the Pacific
2 years ago
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People who want to do sleep tracking and are unhappy with the battery life of their watches: Ever thought about simply getting a dedicated overnight watch / tracker?
I bought an Amazfit Band 5 for a little over $30 a few months ago. I wear it when I sleep. It is very light and much more comfortable to sleep with.
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Made in China. Wants access to all sources of data on your phone. Why? GPS works intermittently
First off, I will admit I am very concerned that this harvests data for China AI development. Seems cheap for what it does, at sometimes does well. It CONSTANTLY prompts for access to not only location, which I understand, but also my cell phone call logs and history, contact lists, camera functions...
Don R Delaware
1 year ago
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Font too small, bug restricts watchface chages, many more bugs
Display font is too small and there is a bug in changing the watchface that limits your ability to make changes. If they can fix these items I'll increase my rating to a 5 because for the price it has more functionality than the Fitbit charge 2 hr, which I've used for the last three years at 3x the ...
Evan Anderson
2 years ago
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Not Ready for Release - Update 10/7/20
Planned to upgrade from my Mi Band 5 to get SpO2 readings and Alexa integration. Bad mistake! Amazfit changed to using Zepp app, and it is really poor compared to Mi Fit app or Notify & Fitness apps which won't work with this band. Can't download any other watch faces (at least not with Android 11),...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Band 5

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1.1 Inches