Akai Force

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  • Great for beatmakers, DJs and producers
  • Able to do clip-style launching if you want to interact with it live
  • Classic - Classic
  • Three brand new plug-in instruments
  • Ableton in a box


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Review: Akai Force 3.0.5 update
With a steady policy of additions and fixes, this unit has become everything it promised to be – well, almost.
3 months ago
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I mean you still are gonna need a computer at least to put the music on Soundcloud. Akai Force is an awesome device, however, all you have is a 7" screen, limited I/O, limited plugins, and still, at some point, he is going to hook it up to the computer. I get the thing with the physical controls, but something like akai force, to me is just a daw, in a box with a touchscreen, that is pretty much a computer screen.
May the FORCE be with you!
Classic - Classic - Classic, in a Morden style! The best standalone. I'm still learning it but this has increased my production like crazy! Akai surely couldn't tick all the boxes on this one (but, who does these days 😏). The way the machine communicates with the human touch, a friend of mine even ...
1 year ago
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Akai Force vs Akai MPC Live? Well, depends! ([month_year])
The Akai Force comes with 64 back-lit RGB pads. These are velocity-sensitive and work well both as a clip launcher and for finger drumming. The velocity sensitivity has a deep curve which gives you a high degree of responsiveness
3 months ago
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Friday Hangout /// Weekly Discussion - October 29, 2021
I'm just really disappointed that I took a huge leap and it was just such a cheaply built and unexciting unit. So now for a polyphonic, clip based sequencer with a minimum of eight channels I'm looking at the Akai Force. Maybe.
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Nice addition to the Akai line
I have an MPC X and a lot of the functionality is the same for the most part. There is learning curve though in that muscle memory for the two are completely different but not hard to manage. The operating system eats more resources than the X and 2gigs of RAM is a little restrictive but if you know...
3 years ago
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Journey out of the box
In the end, the synths didn't help me make music, but the Akai Force and the Digitakt did. If I were to redo my studio from scratch, I would get a Hydrasynth Keys, an Akai Force, a Digitakt/Octatrack, A Neutron and some cool modular stuff to go with it. Oh, and a guitar and a nice microphone. All of these things provide me with something that I can't reasonably get inside my DAW, and help me actually make music, as opposed to make sounds.
Standalone that really works
Sounds great, great sounds
Oanh T Pham
3 years ago
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Is The Akai Force Still Worth a Buy in 2021? | This is My Review
I love to be able to just get right to it and get to the point, but just on some other notes, you also can install a ssd drive inside of it the great thing about this machine. It has the same operating system as the npc, so you can use expansions that come from the npc ecosystem on the akai ecosystem directly inside of this machine, and if i take you there, you will see here that they're all right there, and these are ones that I bought for the mpc that i was able to bring right directly into the akai force, which is super dope, so i'm able to use all of that and i can't you can't take an npc beat and bring it into the akai forest. But you can use all the sounds, all the kids, everything that you created and you can bring that right into it, because it's using the same actual ecosystem as far as the software is concerned
elbowMedia Studios
3 months ago
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The Akai Force is a ton of fun for live performance
Plus I'm already quite fond of the modern MPC line and it obviously has a lot of overlap with those devices. Quite honestly, the Force didn't make a very good first impression for me: the device feels too big on the table, simple things on the MPC were more complicated on the Force, and I couldn't get synth sounds I really liked. With more exploration, the Force started to make more sense, and when I got to the stage where I was setting macros for a live performance, the device really started to shine.