Aer Tech Pack 2

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  • Great for everyday use
  • Comfortable and sleek design
  • Lots of storage for tech gear
  • Updated version from previous versions
  • Part of 2020 work collection


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Aer Tech Pack 2 Review | Pack Hacker
Get up to 10% off Aer • Join Pack Hacker Pro We’re no strangers to Aer’s sleek, efficient, black-on-black packs that work for carrying all the essentials, whether it’s for travel or just the daily grind. And over the last two weeks, we’ve gotten to know another one—the Aer Tech Pack 2.
Aer Tech Pa...
5 months ago
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Any EDC bags that can double as a weekend/short trip bag?
The Aer Tech Pack 2 has caught my attention and looks great. Has anyone tried to use it as a weekend bag, for example?.
2 years ago
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I was very torn earlier in the year and settled with the AER travel pack 2 and I have to say it’s fantastic. (Thank you to everyone in the r/onebag community for helping me decide. I travel about twice a month for work for 3-4 days at a time and it’s been an absolute dream.
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Seems they made the front compartment pretty thin to give more space to the central cavity. The Outbreaker is another option, but seems even more squared off and rollerbag on your back looking. * Aer Travel Pack 2 33L - Tied Second choice, seems to suffer from the same problem as the Tortuga Setout in terms of putting all the capacity into the center instead of the "EDC" compartments.
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After searching high and low for my first travel backpack, pining for and eventually getting the vaunted Aer Travel Pack 2, it has *mostly* lived up to the hype. The way it's compartmentalized is super functional, aesthetically it's sleek as, and it's built for when shit hits the fan.
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1. Aer Travel Pack 2 Small (Any color): I love the flight pack 2, but this is somewhat pricey, looks the same as the flight pack, giving my travel wardrobe little variety, even with the color options, but otherwise is a nice bag IMO.
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The shoe compartment is silly and creates an annoyance as it constantly has to be tucked away (I use packing cubes to maximize space). The Aer Travel Pack 2 seems comfortable but not quite as comfortable as the Synik 30 with the edgeless shoulder straps.
Clean looking urban backpack
Aer Tech Pack 2. Minimal, modern aesthetic that is well suited for the urban/office environment. Really well built, bomb-proof fabrics/zippers, and water-resistant.
The Best Day Pack Ever? The Aer Day Pack 2
Well there on. That is the aired a pack two and fourteen point: eight liters.
7 months ago
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A bag for each occasion - Osprey Fairpoint 55L (42L + day pack 13L), Aer Travel 2 33L, Peak Design 20L
Just got my Aer Travel Pack 2 and it sits nicely as a weekend backpack. Can't wait to travel again to try it. I've been using PD for some 4 day trips and it gets too heavy and uncomfortable.



18 x 12 x 7 inches


3 lbs. 13 oz.


16 inches


17 liters