Aer Flight Pack

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  • Great for travel
  • Convertible between backpack, shoulder bag and briefcase
  • Durable construction
  • Made with AER's signature X-Pac material
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


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Aer Flight Pack 2 Review (Travel Bag) | Pack Hacker
There, we said it!. The truth is, we were better off using the organizational features provided by Aer instead of trying to bring in extra organization of our own. In testing, we used a small Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cube and found it to be too wide, getting in the way of the bag’s built-in functionality more than it helped out
2 months ago
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What are some bags that surprised you in a good way?
The Aer Go Pack. Despite packing flat, it can actually stand up on its own while empty. Now I feel like there’s no excuse for most bags to not stand up on their own.
Now, I currently carry one of two bags on most trips - the Aer Flight Pack (which is fantastic, minus a couple of issues), or the Topo Commuter Briefcase; the older model with limited organization and not the global briefcase (whose aesthetic I don't like the look of). I also have carried, in the past, Tom Bihn Pilot (don't like the layout, feels awkward to use), the Co-Pilot (not a bad choice, same issues with layout, a little too small/oddly dimensioned for my carry), a Defy 48 hour or a Filson 24/48 hour (which I love immensely, both of them, though they're a little heavy and bigger than I need), and a Defy Insidious (fucking fabulous honestly, with the exception of a slippery strap and not enough padding for my tech).
1. Aer Travel Pack 2 Small (Any color): I love the flight pack 2, but this is somewhat pricey, looks the same as the flight pack, giving my travel wardrobe little variety, even with the color options, but otherwise is a nice bag IMO.
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The Flight Pack 2 and Day Pack 2 are hands down the best work and general pack I have ever used. Cannot recommend them enough.
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Travel Bag Recommendations
All the bags you’ve mentioned (Minaal 3.0, Osprey Fairpoint and the Aer Travel Pack) are all going to be too big for day-to-day carrying imo. These are going to be more suitable for ‘true’ one bagging (ie when you travel without a checked bag). If you decide to opt against a checked bag, perhaps look at a packable day bag and one of your options above, or take a look at the Peak Design Travel Bag, as this is designed with photographers in mind, is effectively a big bucket of a bag, and can expand from 35-45l (although I think when expanded to the full 45l it is slightly too big for most airlines). For a daily carry, you ideally want to be looking at something 25l or less, even under 20l.
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Looking for a slim backpack for college
Check out the aer city pack and the aer day pack. Both are pretty slim but can hold a water bottle and a decent amount of accessories.
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Happy day! Managed to find a used Aer Travel Pack 2 X-Pac locally in Europe in pristine condition
congrats on the lucky find, I have the Aer travel pack 2 in grey and I love it.
AER Flight Pack 2 Review (2022) • Is it Aer's Best Day Pack?
You pop your email here, and we promise to send you only travel content that’s actually relevant — sounds like a pretty good deal to us!Final Thoughts on the Aer Flight Pack 2There you have it – now that you have finished 3 coffees in the time it took to read this bloody thing, you’ve now come to the end of our Aer Flight Pack 2 review. Hopefully you are now armed with the details you need to know whether this is the right travel bag for you.
To anybodys knowledge, does a IP67 Messenger Bag exist?
I have an Aer Flight pack in X pac. You can spray it with a hose or leave it in the rain, it will be fine. But I wouldn’t throw it in a lake. I would recommend trying to protect individual items and put them in whatever bag fits your style.