Abu Garcia Black Max

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  • Great for beginners
  • Solid build quality
  • Features list is extensive
  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to use for beginners- Reliable reel


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Abu Garcia Black Max vs Silver Max vs Pro Max: A Comparison
Black, Silver, or Pro, these are worthy reels with excellent inshore versatility. I feel the only anglers who will deliberate are those that want the Rocket Clutch, but who also recognize the benefits of speed and extra bearings. For those anglers, it may be a tough call
2 months ago
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First baitcaster. Is this something I could reasonably use? Daiwa PR10GL
I picked up an Abu Garcia black max (based on suggestions from here) and it was like night and day. I had nearly no blacklashes or issues with it on my first time out.
Perfect for the weekend angler!
I've been a spinning guy my whole life. When I recently decided to buy my first baitcaster, I went to all the online forums and tried to decipher what I should spend my money on. Well, I quickly found out that if I spent anything less than $150 on a baitcasting reel, it would be a complete waste. I ...
5 years ago
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Hey all, I hope I can post this here. I'm in the market for another baitcast reel, money was tight a while back and I sold my Abu Garcia Black Max unfortunately.
Abu Garcia Black Max: Test and Review
Excellent job! Garcia Once again, you guys knocked it out of the park, especially for an entry level baitcaster and spinning combo links in the description below to the black Max.
2 months ago
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Baitcaster recommendations
When I decided to try a baitcaster I went with an Abu Garcia Black Max. No regrets about the quality. I went with something I can afford and of decent quality. I got a 2nd one after a few months. Same kind. Very satisfied.
You have to get it set up right.
I haven't owned a new bait caster in probably 20 years, and haven't been bass fishing in nearly as long. Sounds like time for a new reel, doesn't it, lol. I thought so. To be honest, I was a little disappointed at first. Not knowing how to adjust the brakes and tension on the reel. I either couldn't...
Kirk B.
5 years ago
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Howdy everyone. I recently bought an Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Combo, 7' med-heavy fast.
Great fishing reel.
I'm relatively new to fishing, and this type of reel requires a bit of skill. In other words, there's a learning curve. But once you have it figured out, it's well worth the small amount of effort required to get it right. The two different cast-drag settings, one on either side, are easy to maneuve...
Mark Dunn
4 years ago
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Where are some options for left handed baitcast reels?
An Abu Garcia Black Max or Revo X are both solid choices for under $100. The Revo X is about $99 on Amazon at the moment. Check your local tackle shops, they might be having sales as well that bring down the price a lot. I nabbed a Revo Stx which is normally around $200 for $100 during a black friday sale.



Abu Garcia



Hand Orientation

Left Hand

Handle Material

Stainless Steel