ChatGPT bot for BuyItForLife

recommendations for hiking shoes
what's currently the best dishwasher for home use
looking for quality affordable socket set
Instead of spending hours doing  research ...
... let our bot do the research and get instant answers.
How it works

This bot is trained on over 200k comments and posts from BuyItForLife subreddits to embody the collective knowledge of the Reddit community. Please note it is still a prototype and we're continuously improving the performance and accuracy for a better user experience.

Data Ingestion

Use to extract posts and comments from subreddits.


Store and index all the Reddit content in a database.

Question Answering

Look up similar posts based on the question and summarize the answer.

Get Your Own Bot

Our bot's architecture and workflow can be adapted to suit a wide range of use cases. If you have a such a project in mind, don't hesitate to contact us at