Vanatoo Transparent Zero vs Audioengine A2+

  • Great for bass
  • Looks good
  • Comfort is a downside
  • Some people don't like the fit/comfort
  • Good sound quality
  • Great for music and movies
  • Some issues with the Bluetooth connection
  • Loud and clear
  • Good value for the price

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- Emotional Attachment !!! -
- These are wonderful little speakers !!! - They arrived days late, but well packed & early in the day they came, which sort-a made up for it - …Excited, so bamm > they were reproducing in noize-time - They sounded more pleasing & more dynamic than expected, w/an engaging inviting, fun tone & fast bass - Next step, download the owners manual (don’t be lazy, do it, lots of great setting codes in there) - Next step, sleep (auto on/off) function deactivation > DSP shelving deactivation (flat setting) > DSP Limiter deactivation = better sound > check, yes, dynamics improve, sweeter less grain - Then it happened… - The audiophile tinker brain kicked in > Amazon received an order for SHNITPWR AC Adapter 120W Universal Power Adapter 4V 5V 6V 9V 12V 15V 18V 19V 20V 24V Adjustable Switching Power Supply 100V~240V AC to DC 4V ~ 24V 5A Converter with 14 Tips & Polarity Converter > Amazon received an order for 1.25" Platinum Silicone Hemisphere Bumper, Non-Skid Isolation Feet with Adhesive - 20 Duro - 8 Pack > Amazon received an order for Amazon Basics Round Felt Furniture Pads, Linen, 1'', 48 pcs, even though only two are needed - - The result > the Vanatoo T Zeros, hot roded, are really good - Buy the power supply, & hear the speaker full throttle, makes the speaker play larger, cleaner - The isolation feet, be assured they are cost effective, rewarding upgrade, better isolating the speakers from rattling your desk/shelf/stands - If your not gonna buy them, change your mind - As for the optional two round felt pads, apply 1 each at the (exact) center of the passive radiators outside surface (at your risk), to help break up & absorb leaking unwanted midrange vibrations from spreading across the passive radiators reinforced cork surface, & smearing the good stuff, the sound - Adding a very little more mass, usually bad thing, in trade for a much improved & focused damping, turned out to be a really good idea, with an unexpected bonus > the small box signature smearing almost dissolves, at a slight cost to upper mid base energy > & that loss turns out is also a benefit for these speakers, having removed most of the excess upper mid-bass slop, & with it, most of the rest of the ‘small speaker signature sound’ - Risky putting the felt pads on the radiators, yes, but… - What you read here is a story about a happy w/his purchase(s) geek - These are desktop sonic reproduction wonders, stock, & well worth the $360 - When hot-roded w/an additional about $50 in parts they are more than audiophile worthy, almost Klipsch The Fives competitors, especially when comparing them while driving a subwoofer - Accolades are deserved for their best in class $300 > $500 sound imaging, tone, dynamics > & mimicking a Jeep’s ability to be modified, this all in one (or two) box sound system can be tinkered with for x-tra fun, & value added emotional attachment - - Criticize the T0s for not having the last word in high end sound reproduction refinement, resolution, or bass > the underhung mid/woofer’s voice coils w/that signature attack speed make you yearn for more, a sub, except when being used for desk top near field listening at low volume - Oh & that wire between them > don’t get me wrong, the multi conductor cable means at least a DSP x-over is used a great thing, but I hate the wire itself, the complicated adjustment procedures, & the slight (for their cost) small box, smeary mega-phone sound - But I’m sure you will praise their high frequency reproductions, imaging, dynamics, value, & suffer thru adjusting the tone any way - Once you’ve adjusted to your liking, the T0s will repay your work & you will wear them out !!! - - That’s about it > I hope your experience is even better than mine > ENJOY !!! -
1 year ago


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