SVS PB-3000 vs SVS SB-1000

Great bass output for home theater settings
Powerful and controlled performance
Comparable to other high-end subwoofers
Can be purchased at a discounted price through SVS outlet
Can be felt in the entire room
Great value for the price
Compact size
Deep bass and musicality
Excellent customer service and five-year unconditional warranty
Easy setup
Not as well-suited for music listening
May be too large for smaller spaces
Some reviewers note missing parts or need for additional equipment to optimize performance
Not as impactful with streaming or compressed format content
Performance may not match well with certain speakers
One reviewer was disappointed with its performance


Overall, the SVS PB-3000 receives high praise for its powerful and controlled bass output, particularly in home theater settings. Some reviewers note that it may not be as well-suited for music listening. The subwoofer is also noted for its size and potential impact on smaller spaces. Many reviewers compare it favorably to other subwoofers they have owned or tested. Some reviewers mention issues with missing parts or the need for additional equipment to optimize performance. Overall, the SVS PB-3000 is highly recommended for those seeking a high-quality, powerful subwoofer for their home theater setup.


Overall, the SVS SB-1000 receives mostly positive reviews for its compact size, deep bass, and musicality. Many reviewers appreciate the five-year unconditional warranty and excellent customer service provided by SVS. However, some reviewers have found the subwoofer to be subdued with streaming or compressed format content, and one reviewer was disappointed with its performance. The subwoofer is often recommended for music lovers and pairs well with other speakers, such as the KEF iQ9 and Magnepans. The price vs performance is considered outstanding by many reviewers. Setup is generally easy, and the SVS site provides helpful settings for the subwoofer according to your speakers. Overall, the SVS SB-1000 is a well-made and good-sounding subwoofer that adds an extra component of low-frequency information smoothly and without sounding overdone.

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