Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Great performance
Beautiful display
Included S Pen
Functional keyboard cover
Good for drawing and note-taking
Great value for money
Large screen
Easy access to files
Ability to run Termux for Linux access
Ability to use a mouse with a pointer
Not as competitive as other pro-level tablets
Criticized software
High price
Not suitable for heavy gaming
Slight lag
Storage could be better


Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 receives mixed reviews. Many reviewers praise its performance, display, and included S Pen, making it a great choice for tasks like drawing and note-taking. The keyboard cover is also highly praised for its functionality. However, some reviewers criticize the software and compare it unfavorably to other pro-level tablets like the iPad Pro. The high price is also a point of contention for some. Despite these criticisms, the Tab S6 remains a popular choice for those looking for an Android tablet with strong performance and drawing capabilities.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a great choice for those looking for an affordable tablet with proper pen support. It is praised for its large screen, easy access to files, ability to run Termux for Linux access, and ability to use a mouse with a pointer. It is also noted for its good battery life and decent performance. However, some users have noted that there is a slight lag with the Tab S6 Lite, and that the storage could be better.


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