Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Great value for money
Large screen
Easy access to files
Ability to run Termux for Linux access
Ability to use a mouse with a pointer
Great hardware
Fast processor
Great sound quality
Long battery life
Optimized for larger displays
Not suitable for heavy gaming
Slight lag
Storage could be better
Not the most resilient S-Pen nib
Android can be a pain to use
Some websites do not work as if they were real desktop sites


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a great choice for those looking for an affordable tablet with proper pen support. It is praised for its large screen, easy access to files, ability to run Termux for Linux access, and ability to use a mouse with a pointer. It is also noted for its good battery life and decent performance. However, some users have noted that there is a slight lag with the Tab S6 Lite, and that the storage could be better.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a great tablet for everyday use, with a fast processor, great sound quality, and long battery life. It is optimized for larger displays, making it easy to use. It is also compatible with Samsung Dex, allowing users to access a desktop-like experience. The S-Pen is a great addition, although the nib is not the most resilient. It is also a great device for digital drawing and painting, with the Infiland Multi-angle Business Folio cover providing a great stand for comfort.


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