Nordica Enforcer 88 vs Nordica Santa Ana 88

Great edge-to-edge transitions
Versatile in a variety of conditions
Stable and responsive
Maneuverable in tight spaces
Comparable to other top skis in its category
Great for high intermediate to advanced female skiers
Versatile and can handle a variety of terrain
Forgiving and easy to balance on
Snappy feel
Shorter lengths available for intermediate skiers
Not ideal for deep powder days
May be too stiff for some skiers
Not as well-rounded as some other all-mountain skis
Not recommended for beginners
Metal construction makes it more demanding
Not as suitable for deep powder or off-piste skiing as wider waist width skis


The Nordica Enforcer 88 is a highly versatile ski that is praised for its quick edge-to-edge transitions, stability, and ability to handle a variety of conditions. It is recommended for skiers who want a narrow ski that can handle both groomers and off-piste terrain. The ski is noted for being stiff, but still manageable in tight spaces. It is often compared favorably to other top skis in its category, such as the Volkl Kendo and Blizzard Bonafide. Overall, the Nordica Enforcer 88 is a highly recommended ski for advanced-intermediate to expert skiers looking for a high-performance all-mountain ski.


The Nordica Santa Ana 88 is a versatile ski that is suitable for high intermediate to advanced female skiers. It has a snappy feel and can handle a variety of terrain, including groomers, trees, and moguls. The ski is forgiving and easy to balance on, making it a fun option for all over the resort. The ski's metal construction makes it more demanding, but shorter lengths are available for intermediate skiers. The Santa Ana 88 is part of a series with different waist widths, and the 88 is recommended for intermediate skiers. Demoing skis is recommended to find the best fit for individual preferences.


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