Marantz NR1711 vs Marantz SR5014

Great sound quality
Built-in internet and Bluetooth connectivity
Compact size
Many processing options to enhance sound
Flexible inputs and features
Great sound and video quality
Sleek design
Bluetooth capabilities
Ability to use Bluetooth headphones
Atmos capability
Not ideal for larger rooms
Remote and on-screen menus could be improved
Quality of plastic case and buttons could be better
Not reliable for some users
Connectivity issues reported
HDMI output issues reported


Overall, the Marantz NR1711 receives mixed reviews. Many reviewers praise its sound quality and features, including built-in internet and Bluetooth connectivity. However, some reviewers note that it may be underpowered for larger rooms and that the remote and on-screen menus could be improved. Additionally, there are some concerns about the quality of the plastic case and buttons. Despite these issues, many reviewers still recommend the NR1711 as a solid option for a modern A/V receiver.


The Marantz SR5014 receives mixed reviews, with some users praising its sleek design, Bluetooth capabilities, and overall sound and video quality. However, others have experienced issues with connectivity, HDMI output, and reliability. The receiver is recommended for smaller spaces, but larger rooms may require a stronger unit. Overall, the Marantz SR5014 offers a range of features for a mid-range price point, but potential buyers should be aware of potential issues and consider their specific needs before purchasing.

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