Line Blade Optic 114 vs Nordica Dobermann SLJ Plate

Great versatility on the mountain
Handles powder conditions well
Recommended by a skier with similar size and skiing style
Positive reviews from multiple sources
Reliable and high-performance option for skiers
Great performance and precision on the slopes
Provides stability and control with the plate, enhancing responsiveness
Lightweight construction and easy maneuverability
Durable design that can withstand wear and tear
Not mentioned in any negative reviews or feedback.
Not suitable for all skill levels, requires a certain level of technical ability
May be too stiff for some skiers
Expensive compared to other options on the market


The Line Blade Optic 114 receives positive reviews from skiers who prioritize versatility and performance on the mountain. One reviewer, who is similar in size and skiing style to the OP, recommends the ski as a top choice in its category. The ski is also praised for its ability to handle powder conditions. It is suggested to listen to the Blister Review Podcast for more information on the ski's performance in deep snow. Overall, the Line Blade Optic 114 appears to be a reliable and versatile option for skiers looking for a high-performance ski.


The Nordica Dobermann SLJ Plate receives high praise for its performance and precision on the slopes. Skiers appreciate the stability and control provided by the plate, which enhances the ski's responsiveness. The ski's lightweight construction and easy maneuverability make it a great choice for younger skiers or those with less experience. The ski's design is also noted for its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear. Some reviewers mention that the ski may not be suitable for all skill levels, as it requires a certain level of technical ability to fully appreciate its capabilities. Overall, the Nordica Dobermann SLJ Plate is a top-performing ski that is well-suited for advanced skiers looking for a high-performance option.


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