Kalorik FT 47823 BKSS vs Maximatic EAF2612D

Great power (1750 watts)
Many presets and manual temperature/time settings
Good size and cooking space
Easy to use and clean
Great design and futuristic look
Ease of use and ability to see food cooking through top window
Works well for simple snacks and certain frozen foods
Compact size takes up little space
Quiet operation
Not insulated on front drawer
Plastic smell persists after several uses
Some reviewers prefer removable basket type over bottom tray
Not ideal for larger servings or more complex meals
Fryer rack is difficult to clean
Heating element may be too close to food


Overall, the Kalorik FT 47823 BKSS air fryer receives positive reviews for its power, presets, and ease of use. Some reviewers note that it does not have insulation on the front drawer and that there is a plastic smell that persists after several uses. However, many reviewers appreciate the size and cooking space of the air fryer, as well as its ability to cook food evenly and with a crispy texture. The presets and manual temperature and time settings are also praised. While some reviewers wish they had purchased a larger size, most are satisfied with the performance of the Kalorik FT 47823 BKSS air fryer.


The Maximatic EAF2612D air fryer has received mixed reviews from customers. Some have found it to be too small for their needs, while others have praised its design and ease of use. There are concerns about the fryer rack being difficult to clean and the heating element being too close to the food. Some customers have also reported issues with the product breaking down after a short period of use. Overall, the Maximatic EAF2612D air fryer may be suitable for simple snacks but may not be ideal for more complex meals or larger servings.

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