Great for even cooking and crispy results
Sleek design that matches kitchen decor
Larger capacity than expected
Recipe booklet provides versatility in cooking options
Great temperature and time control
Nonstick coating
Perfect size for 1-2 people
Ceramic coating
Great results
Not able to operate quietly, extremely loud
Digital touchpad is also loud and sensitive
Some users find it to be smaller than expected
Not many temperature choices
Loud operation
Initial strong smell reported by some users


Overall, the KALORIK FT 44844 SS air fryer has received mixed reviews. While some users appreciate its sleek design and efficient cooking, others find it to be extremely loud and disruptive. The digital touchpad is also noted to be loud and sensitive. However, many users have praised the even cooking and crispy results of the air fryer. Some have also found the recipe booklet to be helpful in exploring the versatility of the appliance. The size of the air fryer is also noted, with some finding it to be smaller than expected while others appreciate the larger capacity. Overall, the KALORIK FT 44844 SS air fryer seems to be a practical option for daily use, but the loudness may be a concern for some users.


Overall, the Ninja AF101 air fryer receives mostly positive reviews from users. Many appreciate its ceramic coating, quiet operation, and perfect size for 1-2 people. However, some users have reported a strong initial smell and concerns about chemicals off-gassing during cooking. The air fryer is praised for its good temperature and time control, nonstick coating, and great results, but criticized for being loud and lacking temperature choices. Despite some drawbacks, the Ninja AF101 remains a popular choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient air fryer.

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