KALORIK AFO 47271 SS vs PowerXL PAFXL-5qt

Great capacity for larger families
Multiple functions (air fryer, oven, rotisserie, dehydrator, pizza oven)
Comprehensive user manual with helpful preset temperatures and times
Easy to use and learn
Produces delicious food
Great capacity for air frying larger quantities and whole chicken
Easy to use with on-screen settings and preset choices
Cooks food faster than in the oven, saving on electric bill
Very versatile for many different cooking needs
Produces crispy and crunchy food without oily residue
Not flush doors, which can create a safety issue and let heat out
Some users report uneven cooking and burning at the edges
Limited control over temperature and time settings
Not durable, with reports of handle breaking off and screws becoming loose
Rust forming on the bottom and rim of the fryer
Difficulty finding replacement parts for the fry tray


Overall, the KALORIK AFO 47271 SS receives mixed reviews. While some users appreciate its large capacity and multiple functions, others have concerns about the quality of the doors and the uneven cooking. The preset temperatures and times are helpful, but some users would prefer more control over the temperature and time settings. Despite its flaws, many users find the air fryer to be a useful addition to their kitchen and enjoy the delicious food it produces.


The PowerXL PAFXL-5qt air fryer has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised its large capacity and ease of use, others have reported issues with the handle breaking off, screws becoming loose, and rust forming on the bottom and rim. Some customers have also had difficulty finding replacement parts for the fry tray. However, many customers have enjoyed using the air fryer for cooking a variety of foods and have found it to be a convenient and efficient appliance. Overall, the quality and durability of the product seem to be a concern for some customers.

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