Instant Pot 140-3000-01 vs KALORIK AFO 50939 SS

Great size
Intuitive controls
Even heating
Versatile cooking options
Large basket for cooking larger quantities
Great versatility and ability to cook a variety of foods
Large cooking space
Ease of use and convenience
Attractive design and finish
Positive experiences with customer service and replacements for some customers
Not durable non-stick coating
Loud fan noise
Burning plastic smell during initial uses
Not accurate timing dial
Some customers have experienced smoking and safety concerns
Difficulty with cleaning for some customers


Overall, the Instant Pot 140-3000-01 air fryer oven has received mixed reviews. Many users appreciate its size, intuitive controls, and even heating, as well as its ability to cook a variety of foods. However, some users have experienced issues with the non-stick coating, loud fan noise, and burning plastic smells. The pre-heat process has also been noted as lengthy and inconvenient. Despite these drawbacks, many users still find the air fryer to be a useful addition to their kitchen appliances.


Overall, the KALORIK AFO 50939 SS receives mixed reviews. Some customers love its versatility and ease of use, while others have had issues with its performance and customer service. The air fryer function is praised by many, but some have experienced smoking and safety concerns. The size and design of the oven are generally well-liked, but there are some complaints about inaccurate timing and difficulty with cleaning. The company's customer service is a point of contention, with some customers having positive experiences with replacements and others frustrated with communication. Despite the mixed reviews, many customers find the KALORIK AFO 50939 SS to be a useful and convenient addition to their kitchen.

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