Head Supershape vs Volkl Revolt 86 Temple

Great carving ability and edge hold
Versatile in turn radius and terrain
Improved design and use of graphene technology
Smooth riding experience
Recommended for advanced skiers
Great edge grip
Versatile all-mountain ski with park capabilities
Soft flex for playful skiing
Toposheets and new sizes available
Visually appealing design
Not as versatile in all-terrain skiing
Can be pricey
Lack of clarity on each model's relative strengths
Not ideal for mixed conditions
May not be suitable for those who prefer charging and going fast
Not suitable for those who prioritize hard-charging and aggressive skiing styles.


Overall, the Head Supershape receives positive reviews for its performance on the slopes, particularly in carving and edge hold. Reviewers note that the ski is an improvement on previous versions, with the incorporation of graphene and a more balanced design. The ski is also praised for its versatility in turn radius and ability to handle different types of terrain. However, some reviewers note that the ski can be pricey and lacks all-terrain versatility. Overall, the Head Supershape is recommended for advanced skiers looking for a high-performance ski on the piste.


The Volkl Revolt 86 Temple is a versatile all-mountain ski with great edge grip and park capabilities. It is ideal for someone who likes a softer flex and wants to play around on the slopes. While it may not be the best for mixed conditions, it excels in the bumps and trees. The toposheets and new sizes are also a plus. The ski is visually appealing and provides good turning and stability. Overall, the Volkl Revolt 86 Temple is a great choice for those looking for a fun and playful ski.


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