Gossamer Gear Mariposa vs Boundary Errant Pack

  • Great for backpacking
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lots of pockets and compartments
  • Good value for the price
  • Great for everyday use
  • Convenient tear-away zipper tabs
  • Packed with functionality and organization
  • Highly anticipated
  • Some reviewers had issues with the quality of the product

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Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 - Long Longterm Review

It helps me stand up straighter when I'm hiking and It also gives me some breathability as you can see a lot of my back is exposed You know can slip my hand through how that really hurt But yeah That's just how I like to wear the pack everything's just tight enough to where the pack doesn't bounce around and move around too much But you know super comfortable pack worn it for hours and hours on end But yeah another advantage to having super loose straps is When my shoulders get tired and start hurting I can just slip my arms in Keep my hands like this takes the weight off my shoulders. Let's gives my arms a rest That magnetic Clip makes it super easy and convenient, you know, if I need water just keeps the tube right here and That water bottle holder also makes it easier to get water versus trying to like have a Try and reach back here that just that hurts a lot So I just keep this right here But yeah, that's that's me with the bag That's that's me with the pack again. It's the size large and hip belt size medium. So Let's head back inside because it's freezing out, you know, give you my thoughts and opinions on it So I've owned this pack for a year and a half Probably got anywhere from a couple to a few hundred miles into it Mostly day hikes to get a good workout in but also lots of overnight trips and weekend trips as well It's a great pack very comfortable Has never caused me any pain There's lots of space inside and I really like all the pockets For quick and easy access and allowing me to organize everything how I want if the dog does go with me on a trip There's still plenty of room left over which makes it easier to add all of his stuff as well Packs got no signs of wear and tear like none Maybe few dirt stains and the occasional loose thread, but that's easily fixed with a lighter The shoulder straps and hip belt cushioning still like new no issues there The only gripe I could think of is that none of the pack material is waterproof, but very few packs have that feature I would definitely buy this pack again
20 days ago




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