Freefly Packable Duffle Matador vs Nomatic MCKINNON CAMERA PACK

  • Great for travel
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Highly water resistant
  • Zips open easily
  • Comes with a compression sack
  • Great for travel and photography
  • Well-built and durable
  • Roomy and able to carry a lot of gear
  • Some complaints about the camera bag being labeled as a "camera"
  • Overall, a great backpack for photography and travel

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Peter McKinnon's EVERYDAY Backpack... is it really THAT GOOD?

It's super wide It's just not easy to pack this thing But this bag is deep enough to just like conveniently just boom done like it's just in there and what's so unique about this bag Is this camera cube system sort of the highlight feature like we have this rigid camera cube that just pops right out and boom Like I can just stick that on a shelf and have all my equipment ready to go I don't even really have to unpack it Like this is a pretty nice way to store all of this if it's going inside of like a closet or something I can easily configure this with a bunch of extra dividers. Let me find them tons of extra dividers that come with the bag you don't have to use the camera cube use the extra dividers and Reconfigure it to put everything in here if I wanted to or I can use one of the other sized cubes like the half cubes With some other equipment like vlogging equipment and I can stick it in the bottom here I have the rails for my black magic rig Just kind of tuck sort of like between the cube and the rest of the bag But like I said this whole loft area is expandable with this little foldable flap that pops out and now that whole loft Compartment just became double the volume and we can just stick the half cube down here in the bottom I mean the configuration possibilities are really really impressive here Go ahead and start kind of pulling everything out here right underneath the black magic I have one of these extra little dividers that is hiding my little port keys Monitor underneath it because the way the black magic sits there's a lot of extra room underneath the camera And so monitor just slots right in underneath and then black magic goes in right on top of that start pulling everything else out We've got the Tilta mini follow focus Tilta mini matte box got some v-mount batteries These are some little mini ones from came TV We've got the Tilta focusing side handle got a condor blue 15 millimeter base plate with a Arca Swiss Quick-release plate on the bottom of it small rig v-mount plate and then we have the Tilta top handle with a condor blue Little magic arm on the side of it to mount the monitor The SSD holder like that's pretty much my entire black magic rig all stuck within this cube And then what's also great is this top compartment the loft has these little magnets so I can just open this up and boom I Have access to another lens. I have my filter pouch MacBook charger another v-mount battery and then also a little deity Microphone for on-camera audio and then on the back panel, we have a bunch of zipper pockets here. I've got tools I've got my MacBook charger USB C hub all the cables for the black magic SD cards and SSDs for the black magic like everything fits in here and it doesn't feel overstuffed either and I can easily access Everything in my mind that's what separates a lot of good bags from bad bags is like sure you might have a lot of space But like how usable and efficient is that space and if it's stuffed to the brim with gear does it feel messy? Like does it feel like if you open it up on location? It's just gonna spill out everywhere like I'm not gonna bullshit you guys like the attention to detail and just the thought that went into designing this bag to Basically work with any real shooting scenario in the camera cube system to be able to just pop this out Stick it on a shelf put a different cube in with different equipment like a drone cube or a vlogging cube Like it's impressive what they did with this bag So I gotta say I think Peter and the nomadic team did a really incredible job on this new bag in this new line of Bags that they have coming out
1 month ago


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