Emeril Lagasse ELAF4 vs GoWISE USA GW22954

Great for cooking without oil
Detachable basket for easy pouring
Cooks food quickly
Large enough for cooking a whole chicken or pot roast (6qt size)
Easy to use
Great for cooking certain foods (e.g. French fries, chicken, pork chops)
Easy to clean
Versatile in terms of cooking options (e.g. dehydrating, air frying)
Not practical for more than 2-3 people
Some customers experienced a burning plastic smell
Some customers experienced malfunctions after a few months
Not all parts are durable (e.g. grill pan, basket liner)
Temperature and time adjustments can be difficult to use
Some customers have reported issues with the internal fan or other malfunctions


The Emeril Lagasse ELAF4 air fryer has received mixed reviews from customers. While some appreciate its features and cooking abilities, others have experienced issues such as a burning plastic smell, malfunctioning after a few months, and a flimsy basket latch. Some customers also found it too large for their needs or difficult to clean. However, many users have had success with cooking various foods and appreciate the lack of oil needed. Overall, potential buyers should consider the mixed reviews before making a purchase.


The GoWISE USA GW22954 air fryer has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised its versatility, ease of cleaning, and effectiveness in cooking certain foods, others have reported issues with the temperature and time adjustments, the durability of certain parts, and the overall functionality of the machine. Some customers have also noted that the air fryer is quite large and takes up a lot of counter space. Overall, potential buyers should carefully consider the reviews before making a purchase.

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