Emerald SM-AIR-1801 vs Maximatic EAF-0201BL

Great for cooking pork chops and chicken wings
Easy to use and clean
Versatile for cooking various items
Great size for one or two people
Handles a variety of foods well
Temperature and time control knobs are easy to use
Non-stick surfaces make for easy clean-up
No extra oil needed for cooking
Not suitable for cooking potatoes
Coating on basket can peel off and rust
Heating element may die quickly
Not ideal for larger meals or families
Timer starting point is limited
Difficulty in cleaning the racks


The Emerald SM-AIR-1801 air fryer received mixed reviews from customers. While some praised its ability to cook certain foods well and its ease of use and cleaning, others experienced issues with the coating on the basket peeling off and rusting, as well as the heating element dying. It is important to note that the fryer should not be used for cooking potatoes. Overall, potential buyers should consider these factors before making a purchase.


Overall, the Maximatic EAF-0201BL air fryer receives positive reviews for its ability to cook a variety of foods well and its compact size. However, some users have noted limitations such as the timer starting point and difficulty in cleaning the racks. The non-stick surfaces and temperature/time control knobs are praised, but there are concerns about the durability of the hardware. Despite these minor issues, the air fryer is seen as a useful and efficient tool for cooking meals quickly and without the need for extra oil.


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