DPS Foundation Wailer 100 RP vs K2 Talkback 88

Great carving ability
Superb edge hold
Excellent damping and stability at speed and in variable conditions
Versatile ski for inbounds skiing and spring touring
Durable bamboo core
Great versatility in various snow conditions
Lightweight design for easy maneuverability
Excellent stability and edge hold for confident control on steep descents
Reliable and enjoyable for intermediate to advanced skiers
Not ideal for skiers who prefer a weight-back driving style
Not the best choice for those who prioritize speed on groomers
May not be suitable for beginner or intermediate skiers
Not as responsive in deep powder
May not be suitable for beginners
Price point may be higher than some other backcountry skis


The DPS Foundation Wailer 100 RP is a versatile ski that is best suited for advanced skiers who prefer a weight-forward driving style. It excels in inbounds skiing and is a great single quiver ski for the Rockies. It has superb carving ability, edge hold, and float for its width, and offers excellent damping and stability at speed and in variable conditions. The ski is made with a bamboo core and is durable. However, it may not be the best choice for skiers who prefer a weight-back style or who prioritize speed on groomers. Overall, the DPS Foundation Wailer 100 RP is a great choice for those looking for a front-side quiver killer or a spring touring ski.


The K2 Talkback 88 receives high praise from reviewers for its versatility and performance in various snow conditions. Its lightweight design and easy maneuverability make it a top choice for backcountry skiing and touring. The ski's stability and edge hold are also highly regarded, providing confidence and control on steep descents. Some reviewers note that the ski may not be as responsive in deep powder, but overall, the K2 Talkback 88 is a reliable and enjoyable ski for intermediate to advanced skiers.


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