Denon AVR-S760H vs Denon AVR-X3500H

Great 3D realism and advanced video processing
Supports Dolby Atmos height virtualization and DTS Virtual X
8K-60Hz and 4K-120Hz pass-through
Easy to set up
Good value for its price point
Great sound quality
Advanced features such as DTS-X Advanced technology and HDMI connectivity
Ease of setup
Value for the price
Ability to configure speaker levels with included microphone
Not suitable for larger setups with more than 5.2.2 channels
Some users have reported HDMI connection and handshake problems
Instruction manual could be better organized and more comprehensive
Not all users have had success with HDMI connectivity
Some users have experienced difficulty setting up for music
Receiver may be over-featured for some users' needs


Overall, the Denon AVR-S760H is a solid entry-level receiver that offers great features for its price point. It has impressive 3D realism and advanced video processing, making it a great choice for home theater systems. However, some users have reported issues with HDMI connections and handshake problems. The receiver is best suited for those looking to set up a 5.2.2 or less system, as it may not have enough power for larger setups. The instruction manual could be better, but the setup process is generally easy to follow. Overall, the Denon AVR-S760H is a good choice for those looking for a budget-friendly receiver with impressive features.


The Denon AVR-X3500H receives high praise for its sound quality, ease of setup, and advanced features such as DTS-X Advanced technology and HDMI connectivity. Many reviewers appreciate the value for the price and the ability to configure speaker levels with the included microphone. However, some users have experienced issues with HDMI connectivity and difficulty setting up for music. Overall, the Denon AVR-X3500H is considered a great addition to any home theater setup and a worthwhile investment for audiophiles.

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