Costway EP24685US-GN vs GoWISE USA GW22976

Great for rotisserie cooking
Large enough to cook larger quantities of food
Easy to clean
Customer service is responsive and helpful
Great size for single users or small families
Easy to use and clean
Cooks food quickly and evenly
Not ideal for cooking certain foods evenly
Lack of instructions for air frying
Some customers have experienced technical issues with the product
Not compatible with a divider despite having notches for it
Non-stick coating may start flaking off after a few months of use
Customer service can be difficult to deal with


Overall, the reviews for the Costway EP24685US-GN are mixed. Some customers have had positive experiences with the product, particularly with the rotisserie function and the ability to cook larger quantities of food. However, others have had issues with the lack of instructions and difficulty in cooking certain foods evenly. Some customers have also experienced technical issues with the product, such as loud clicking noises or malfunctioning parts. Despite these mixed reviews, some customers have praised the customer service provided by Costway.


The GoWISE USA GW22976 air fryer has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have praised its quick cooking and easy cleaning, others have had issues with the non-stick coating and customer service. The lack of a divider and difficulty reading the display have also been mentioned as drawbacks. Overall, it seems that the performance of the air fryer varies depending on individual experiences.

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